VA Announces Extension of Funding for GPD Programs

VA Announces Extension of Funding to GPD Programs
One year extension for programs not funded under NOFA 
Last Friday, VA Secretary Shulkin announced that organizations that applied for Grant and Per Diem funding for FY 2018, but were “found ineligible due to new program guidelines” will receive a one year extension of funding. This funding extension is designed to keep programs operating through the fiscal year, and give them the opportunity to apply under a new, upcoming, NOFA.
Little information beyond what has been announced through a VA Press Release is available. The specifics of the extension will be shared with organizations through letters sent from the VA, and will include the scores of the organizations’ applications.
NCHV is committed to sharing information about the evolving GPD funding process as we receive confirmed details. Furthermore, NCHV is committed to supporting our members as they move forward – whether that be on to new models of GPD, new applications for GPD funding, or on to creative uses of resources formerly dedicated to GPD. Please reach out to us at 202.546.1969 should you have any questions or should you want to share any developments from your program or area.