FY2018 Fair Market Rent

I notice that the FY2018 FMRs have been published and wanted to remind all project applicants that the FY2017 COC NOFA instructions are to use the FY17 FMRs (see page 24).

This has some bearing on the amount of Match required (if the FMRs in your geographic area have risen). Match documents can be uploaded at time of application or after the Conditional Award, but prior to issuance of the grant agreement. If your project contains a Rental Assistance BLI, and if you have time to make changes to the Match document (knowing that the FY2018 FMRs increased), then I would still encourage you to attach the Match document at time of application. If you cannot, please continue to work on having them ready to submit to HUD around the time of the Conditional Award announcement in December or January (hopefully!) As with the Fy2016 awards, for those COCs that attached the Match documents with the application, HUD staff was able to issue their grants much more quickly than in previous years. Below are links to the State and to Baltimore's datasets: