Reminder: HHS Live Stream Recovery Month Event


Reminder—Recovery, Prevention, & Hope: Live Stream Panel of National Experts on Opioids Equips Faith and Community Leaders

HHS Live Stream—National Recovery Month Event

Wednesday, September 27 | 1–2 p.m. Eastern Time
HHS will convene national leaders and experts to discuss the opioid epidemic and other addictions, and to help raise awareness, encourage compassion, reinforce the role of community and families in long-term recovery and prevention, and make a call to action. The webcast is being held as part of National Recovery Month.
The event, hosted by the HHS Partnership Center, will be live streamed on both and the Recovery Month Facebook page. Join us and other #PartnersinHope by posting on social media a selfie or group photo of you gathering to watch this event!
View the Live Stream on

Wednesday, September 27 | 2–3 p.m. Eastern Time
You can also host a post-broadcast conversation in your community, working with local experts to discuss approaches that will foster healing for individuals and families, align regional efforts to renew wholeness in your community, and issue a call to action to encourage local communities to get involved to address this national emergency.
For more information or to request publications to assist with planning, please email