SSVF Upload Announcement – RE HUD Data Dictionary changes on October 1, 2017

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SSVF Upload Announcement
The SSVF upload in October is required to be in CSV v5.1 format.
SSVF grantees were told on their call last week that they will be required to submit 3 uploads of FY 2017 HMIS data in the FY in v5.1 CSV format on the following dates:
  1. September 25th – September 28th – Required test upload
  2. September 29th – September 30th – First upload
  3. October 1st – 9th – Final upload
Your current version of ServicePoint has only the v5.1 CSV format available. We will allow your grantees to have access to this version up until the October 9th deadline.
The new version v6.1, required in November will be made available separately from the v5.1 version. All SSVF Grantees on ServicePoint will be able to complete the 3 required uploads. We will send more updates on the availability of v6.1 soon.
Please contact your CCA if you have further questions.
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