Happy National I&R Day!


Happy National I&R Day!
A day to be thankful… and also to look ahead
In 2011 the U.S. Senate declared November 16th as "National Information and Referral Services Day," to raise public awareness of this important service available to all people in the United States. Every day, tens of thousands of people find the help they need from the heroes who provide I&R services.

Communicating through phone calls, text or chat, they help community members find financial assistance, food, shelter, child care, elder care, jobs, mental health support, disaster services, and more. We're honored to help so many of these hard-working individuals perform their jobs with our ServicePoint, CommunityPoint and IRis systems.

Mediware is blessed to partner with many I&R providers – agencies on the front lines with a heart to serve others. While we are proud to have helped pioneer this industry over 15 years ago, we know the I&R landscape is always changing. We look forward to continuing its evolution and helping our customers find new and better ways to serve the I&R needs of our nation.
Again, thank you very much for all the good work you do every day, and thank you for choosing Mediware!

November 16 - #IandRDay