RHYMIS Submission Window Is Open

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RHYMIS Submission Window Is Open
It's that time of year again for the submission of RHYMIS data to the RHYMIS repository! You will need to export your RHYMIS data from your ServicePoint site and upload it to the repository website.

The submission window for data is 11/01/2017 - 11/22/2017. Your ServicePoint site needs to be at a minimum version of 5.12.50 to export the data in the correct format. The export date range to use is 10/1/2016 to 09/30/2017.

The 0263 ART Gallery report will be updated with minor revisions due to the recent October HUD changes and will be available in the mapped ART Gallery reports folder on Monday, November 6th.  Even without the update, your grantees can still use the Report – however they may see false negatives due to picklist values changes in Gender, Residence Prior and Destination.

We can answer questions about setting up your site to export the RHYMIS data, data entry questions related to RHYMIS, how to export your RHYMIS data and questions about the 0263 RHYMIS Data Quality report.

Please note that questions about how to access the repository website, questions about uploading/accessing your data in the repository need to be sent to AIR by the RHYMIS grantee through this website:

Contact your CCA if you have further questions.
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