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Don't Give Us Money!
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What We Want to Know

Shelterforce has been by your side for nearly 43 years. We've come to know you, understand your challenges, and your goals. We know how many of you receive the Weekly (10,000) or visit our website (30,000+ each month). But what's much harder for a publication to know is how we're used. How you've used us.
For example:
  • Do you email articles to colleagues occasionally?
  • Have you read something in Shelterforce that affected your work?
  • Have you read something in Shelterforce that changed your opinion?
  • Have you attended a conference or webinar you saw in the Weekly?
  • Have you passed along an Answer column or article to a policymaker, funder, and/or civic leader?
  • Have you shared an article with staff and/or board and began a discussion to help guide your organization?
  • Have you downloaded a resource mentioned in the Weekly?
And the list goes on. If you used Shelterforce in print, online, or Shelterforce Weekly in any way at all, or it has influenced you in any way, or if you just love us to death and want to say nice things about us, we'd like to hear about it.
So we designed a super simple survey that will help us in two very important ways.
  1. We'll be able to plan and write better, more useful articles for you.
  2. We'll be able to tell all of our funders that we really are as useful as they think.
So, don't send us money (unless you really want to). Instead, complete the survey so that we can learn a little more about you, which will help us write more and better articles for you. And, you'll get a half-year subscription or an extension to your subscription for free!