New Housing Doesn’t Crowd Schools

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
In This Issue: Shelter Shorts (It's Back!) ● Would Trump's CRA "Do No Harm?" ● Inclusionary Housing Victory! ● Myths About Demo in Cleveland ● New Housing Doesn't Crowd Schools ● Also: Jobs ● Resources ● Industry News +
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Only a few things in life are certain: Death, Republicans trying to cut taxes on the wealthy, and the fact that people opposing new housing development will bring up the possibility of overcrowding the local school system. With a new study’s findings, fears trotted out in the face of proposed affordable housing developments have real oppositional data, but is evidence enough?
The Week in Community Development

Demolitions conducted using Hardest Hit Funds have exposed already suffering communities to asbestos. Vancouver gets accessory dwelling units right. Obama dismisses the idea of a community benefits agreement in Chicago. Does repeated discrimination negatively affect your body? Plus lots more . . .
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Zach Murray, Grounded Solutions Network
California’s recent passage of a comprehensive housing package includes a bill that ensures cities and counties will once again have the full power of inclusionary housing at their disposal. What does this mean for affordable housing in the state?
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The cardinal rule of “first, do no harm,” in medicine should be applied as the Trump administration mulls Community Reinvestment Act reform, and enact no changes that result in less lending and investing in underserved communities.
Frank Ford, Western Reserve Land Conservancy
Demolition can generate emotional reactions, especially in places with a history of urban renewal. But critics of demolishing any vacant homes are ignoring the evidence.
Tues., Dec. 12, 2 p.m. ET Identifying Expiring Affordable Homes with the National Housing Preservation Database (NHPD) This webinar, presented by the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation, will show participants how to use the latest features of the NHPD through a live demonstration, identify federally assisted properties at risk of loss, and the risk factors that increase the likelihood of that loss.
Industry News
Charlie Warner, a founder of the Minnesota Housing Partnership and Home Line, and longtime organizer around tenants rights, affordable housing, and housing cooperatives, passed away on Nov. 8 at the age of 77. Chip Halbach, former executive director of the Minnesota Housing Partnership, told the Star Tribune that Warner was considered the "heart and soul of the affordable housing and tenants' rights movements” in Minnesota.
Building the Case: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and HealthThis new report by the Bipartisan Policy Center explores the potential links between LIHTC projects and health outcomes as well as examines innovative ways to leverage LIHTC policy to improve health, research gaps, and federal policy implications.
Social Enterprise in the NeighborWorks Network ● Nonprofits nationwide face the challenge of tight budgets at the same time that demand for their services is increasing. In partnership with the Stanford Social Innovation Review, NeighborWorks America has published a comprehensive look at how network members are transforming their operations into financially self-sustaining businesses that support their missions of service.  
What About Housing? A Policy Toolkit for Inclusive GrowthGrounded Solutions Network's new toolkit is designed to help communities better understand policies available to promote inclusion and how it might work best in their local context.
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You Said It!

Say what you mean and mean what you say? Ok, black poverty is alive and doing very well because organizations that have a direct pipeline to unlimited resources but limited know-how and understanding of black poverty have historically undermined and withheld opportunity for grassroots nonprofits within the impoverished community... Gentrification is... —Johnny Cunningham, more

Rapid Rehousing may be a good option in areas where housing cost is relatively low. However, in high housing cost areas such as Washington DC, the rapid rehousing model does not work well if it all. For instance... —Dave Cooper, more

"Both/and" is needed. As theoretically or intellectually unappealing as that may be. —Dan Immergluck, more

My feeling is not that "both/and" is theoretically/intellectually unappealing, but that it reflects only a long-term alliance. In the short term, individual project proposals face up or down votes and in an environment of limited resources, choices are made. I have yet to see... —Edward Goetz (author), more

It’s possible to (a) develop statistically valid indicators of multiple neighborhood 'opportunity structures', (b) use those indicators to identify neighborhoods amenable to certain types of policy interventions, and (c) tailor policy responses that... —Eli Knaap, more
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