Stop Overselling Rapid Re-housing

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
In This Issue: What's "Authentic" for a Community in Transition? ● When Affordable Housing Meets Free-Market Fantasy ● Stop Overselling Rapid Re-housing ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Industry News ● Resources +
Kayla Goggin, ArtPlace America
We talk often about tapping into the authentic identities of our individual communities as part of creative placemaking work. But what happens when a community is in transition? How do we honor the history of a place while actively working to encourage its growth and foster positive change? Several ArtPlace grantees are working the problem. Read Full Article
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Sharon Lee, Low Income Housing Institute 
Rapid re-housing, originally a strategy to prevent homelessness for households experiencing a temporary financial crisis, is now being promoted widely as a broad solution. But in a high-cost area, it's possible it might do more harm than good. Read Full Article
Zelda Bronstein, Bay Area activist and writer
Because affordable housing doesn’t yield acceptable profits to real estate investors, the only way a substantial amount of it is going to get built is if it’s publicly funded. Read Full Article
Shelter Shorts
The Week in Community Development
Shelter Shorts brings you quick-takes on the stories, programs, policies, and happenings that affect your work. This week's topics include: Walmart and Ben Carson looking out for your financial health?! // Homelessness numbers up, but lowering them saves money // Rental market finally slowing down...and more. Read them all here.
Industry News
Amy Khare joins the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities (NIMC) as research director and assistant professor at the Mandel School. During the past two years, Khare served as research affiliate for NIMC. Before that, she worked at the Urban Institute on the national evaluation of HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative.
Fundamentals for Nonprofits ● Two new health resources from Nonprofit Finance Fund's Healthy Outcomes Initiative (supported by The Kresge Foundation) and the Partnership for Healthy Outcomes (supported from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation): For community-based organizations (CBOs) considering partnering with healthcare organizations there’s the Nonprofit Readiness for Health Partnership tool, and for CBOs and health care organizations already engaged in partnerships, the Partnership Assessment Tool for Health.
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Comments received via email:

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the “Adding Housing Doesn’t Overcrowd Schools” article. I particularly appreciate your point about confirmation bias and the links for best practices for engaging in high-conflict conversations. There are a lot of good suggestions in the linked pieces—thank you. I totally agree with you. These days we need to be strategic more than ever—on so many issues. —Celia Slater, AHC Inc.

Thanks to your team for capturing the partnership between Community Development for All People and Nationwide Children’s Hospital in your article, “How a Risk-Averse Hospital and a Risk-Taking CDC Built a Functional Partnership.” Your article has been shared numerous times in trainings at Community Development for All People as they work with sister CDCs. We are grateful for your well-documented portrayal of our efforts. —Angela Mingo, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
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Archdiocesan Housing Chief Executive Officer ● The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York seeks a recognized leader in the affordable housing community to direct and oversee its affordable housing programs as its first Archdiocesan Housing CEO. The CEO will oversee and manage the increasingly complex and... Read Full Listing
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