ServicePoint Customer Announcement


ServicePoint Customer Announcement
January 2018
Qlik Sense Updates
Good afternoon,
We hope you are having a great week. An updated version of Qlik Sense for ServicePoint 5 will be available on the morning of Friday, January 26th after the overnight build process. An automated ServicePoint update script will be run on all sites using ServicePoint version 5.12.38 or higher during the afternoon of Friday, January 26th and will not require downtime. The ServicePoint update script will extend the availability of Qlik Sense to all End Users with an ART Ad Hoc User License.
This release will include four major updates: data visibility model, Household and Household Relationship objects availability, inactive records filter and a date limiter filter.
Data Visibility Model
The data visibility model will be in place with the Qlik Sense update for all ServicePoint user role levels. Any End User with an ART Ad Hoc User License will have access to Qlik Sense. The visibility of data will be tied to your default End User and default Provider. We are continuing to refine the Enter Data As (EDA) data visibility enforcement and will make that available in an upcoming release.
Households Objects
All non-audit Households and Household Relationship objects will be available in Qlik Sense. These objects have been given "friendly" and familiar names. Users will find that the functionality of these objects in Qlik Sense mimic their use in ART. 
Inactive Records
Virtually all inactive records will be automatically filtered out of the data set. We have included exceptions for fields which may require the use of inactive records. Currently, those exceptions are: inactive Provider records, inactive Household records, inactive ShelterPoint Unit Lists and inactive Picklist values. As we continue to update the data model we will evaluate what inactive information needs to be added to Qlik Sense.
Date Limiter
To ensure efficient build times for all sites, this release will include a date limiter which will return all data extending back to 01/01/2015. The date limiter is hardcoded, however, as we continue to improve the data model we will evaluate Qlik Sense build times per customer site and assess the feasibility of expanding the limiter.   
Additionally, customers may notice a change to the variables within the Base Sheets and minor table join differences as we work to make improvements. More information will be available in the Release Notes.
Release notes will be available in the Libraries section of the Mediware Customer Community once the Qlik Sense update is available.
We are working toward our next Qlik Sense update for ServicePoint 5, which we anticipate will be available in late February 2018. That release is intended to include the following:
  • Display Assessment and Sub-Assessment questions in a more user-friendly format
  • Display Assessment values valid at various points in time, e.g. values as of Entry (Project Start Date) or Exit
  • Correctly link Worksheet Question responses to their respective record types, e.g. Service Worksheet questions linked to the Need Service Id
Stay tuned for the February customer announcement! Please contact your Customer Care Analyst if you have further questions.