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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Lena Afridi, Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development 
New York City’s small businesses, like small businesses in cities across the nation, are in the midst of a displacement crisis. And among the most affected are long-operating small businesses, especially those owned and operated by immigrants and people of color in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. The mechanisms around their displacement are… Read Full Article
Katharine Greider, journalist and author
Since the collapse of the housing market after the Great Recession, thousands of properties stuck in foreclosure limbo—also called zombie properties—have been left vacant and deteriorating in towns and cities across New York state. With the owner of record long gone and the bank showing little progress toward taking possession, the burden of maintaining these semi-foreclosed properties has often fallen on strapped municipal governments. Recently… Read Full Article
Kevin Barnett, Public Health Institute
Hospitals and health systems can’t solve societal challenges alone. The time has come to move these partnerships from small-scale transactions to a full-scale transformation… Read Full Article
Industry News
Global Land Alliance has launched the Center for Community Land Trust Innovation, an outgrowth of Roots & Branches, an online archive developed by John Emmeus Davis and Greg Rosenberg to track the origins and evolution of community land trusts in the United States. The Center will track the history and current research on CLTs and foster new ways of conceptualizing, structuring, and applying the CLT model that go beyond the provision of housing, in particular, to support the world’s one billion people who live in informal settlements on lands they neither own nor control.
Elizabeth Alexander
Elizabeth Alexander, director of the Ford Foundation Creativity and Free Expression program, has been appointed president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation beginning in March. She succeeds Earl Lewis. Alexander, an accomplished poet, was commissioned by President Obama to compose and deliver the poem "Praise Song for the Day" at the 2009 inauguration. She is the author of The Light of the World, and former chair of the African American Studies department at Yale University.
Remy De La Peza
Rémy De La Peza is now director of national initiatives at Root and Rebound, a re-entry advocacy center in Oakland, CA dedicated to increasing access to justice and opportunity for people in re-entry from prison and jail. Shelterforce spoke with De La Peza during her tenure as director of planning & policy counsel at the Little Tokyo Service Center. She has also served as policy advisor for public land use at Auckland Council in New Zealand.

TODAY! Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2 p.m. EST How Cities and Anchor Institutions Can Work Together to Improve Health and Wellbeing in Their Communities The National League of Cities hosts this web forum, which will consider factors such as "access to affordable, healthy housing, transportation, good jobs, and quality education" to achieve this goal.
Request for Comments

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Extends Deadline for Request for Input on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Credit Score Requirements Input should be submitted electronically or via mail by March 30, 2018. FHFA is seeking input on all aspects of a potential change from the current Classic FICO requirement, including feedback on the operational and competition considerations of continuing to use a single credit score model or allowing the use of more than one credit score model.

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Love that @shelterforce is launching a Health and Community Development Desk! Should be required reading for public health leaders! —Maddie Ribble
Housing and Facilities Program AssistantThe Housing Program Assistant helps with a wide array of assignments related to housing and community facilities development, including research, preparing forms and budgets, compiling data, preparing reports, preparing grant applications, overseeing Davis Bacon and green building requirements, and other duties as assigned... Read Full Listing
Housing and Facilities Program Manager The person in this role will be responsible for the development of multi-family housing, single-family housing, and community facility projects for CASA. The Housing and Facilities Program Manager also helps determine the course of CASA’s development program, and directs and facilitates activities from... Read Full Listing
Manufactured Housing Cooperative Technical Assistance ManagerThe person in this role will provide oversight of all post-purchase activities in the manufactured housing communities that CASA has assisted and will help ensure that each resident-owned community in their portfolio receives timely and appropriate technical assistance, as well as... Read Full Listing
Regional Property ManagerThe RPM is responsible for the overall management of residential and commercial properties owned and leased by Opportunity Council throughout its regional, three-county, service territory. The person filling this new position will have the opportunity to reorganize and grow the agency’s... Read Full Listing
Executive Vice President of Real Estate CommonBond Communities is seeking a candidate for this senior leadership position—a compelling and visionary leader who will form powerful relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and a strategic thinker who will promote sustainable growth and advancement... Read Full Listing
Housing and Neighborhood Equity Planner/AnalystTexas Housers seeks a planner/analyst committed to racial equity in the provision of housing and public infrastructure, disaster recovery, and environmental justice. The person in this role will work in the Houston metro area with leaders and residents of low-income... Read Full Listing
Post-Disaster Infrastructure Equity Analyst and Housing Project ManagerThe person in this role will assess post-Hurricane Harvey housing and infrastructure rebuilding needs in lower-income communities in Austin, Houston, and south/east Texas, and will develop and advocate for socially and environmentally... Read Full Listing
President and CEO, Elevation Community Land TrustA collaborative of funders have partnered to launch this new community land trust (CLT) that will foster permanently affordable housing across metro Denver and ultimately statewide. As a new organization, the Elevation CLT requires a president & CEO who can build the organization, its board, its staff, and its assets... Read Full Listing
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