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SSVF Data Collection Update
We are aware of the recent announcement sent out by the VA in regards to data collection/reporting changes. We will update ServicePoint in time for the deadline provided by the VA.
Here is a synopsis of the full announcement:
The VA wants to collect employment information and is adding "R6 Employment Status" as a required element to collect at project start and project exit for heads of households and adults served in SSVF-funded Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing programs.
We, the vendor, have until April 30, 2018 to make this new field available in ServicePoint. The assessment question is currently available in ServicePoint and is in use by RHY providers. So you will need to copy your SSVF assessments and add this question to it to begin data collection. Please contact your CCA if you'd like assistance updating your assessments.
We, the vendor are also required to make it available in the SSVF export for the June, 2018 export. We will send out an announcement in the future when this change has been made to the SSVF export.
We highly recommend reading the full announcement which is available on the listserv for SSVF Grantees.

Please contact your CCA if you have further questions.
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