News from the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

These Federal Homelessness Assistance Programs Can Help Communities End Youth Homelessness

For young people experiencing homelessness to achieve stability, they must have stable housing, permanent connections, education and employment, and an overall sense of well-being.
These federal programs offer targeted funding for preventing and ending homelessness, including among youth, that can, in conjunction with other funding sources, help communities implement the coordinated response they need.

Through Forum, Region VIII FRICH Supports State's Efforts to End Homelessness


The FRICH and partners organized a recent forum in Utah on strengthening support for transition-aged youth experiencing homelessness.
Katie Jennings, our policy and program analyst, attended the forum and shares the recommendations from young people and providers.

New Housing First Implementation Resources Available From HUD  

HUD recently published a suite of new resources for communities to strengthen their Housing First approach:
  • Housing First Implementation
  • Working with Project Participants in a Housing First Approach
  • Housing First in Specific Project Types
  • Trauma-Informed Care
The full range of tools can be found on HUD Exchange.

Reducing Homelessness in Real Time: A Measure That Matters 

As communities work to build systems, improve processes, and add resources to reduce homelessness, they need data to be as real-time as possible.
Nate French and Lindsey Giblin of Community Solutions discuss the data communities should be collecting to make progress on ending homelessness.

National Youth Outcomes Project Aims to Fill Critical Gap

MANY and Chapin Hall have begun work with federal agencies and stakeholders to develop common, reliable, and valid outcome measures that can be consistently applied across the array of youth-serving programs.
Megan Blondin, executive director of MANY, explains how standardized measures will advance work to end youth homelessness.
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