SOAR Webinar: Understanding and Using Vocational Information for Quality SOAR Applications

Understanding and Using Vocational Information for Quality SOAR Application
Providing accurate work history information is absolutely vital to include in all SOAR applications. SSA uses this information to determine if the applicant is able to return to past work, or perform other work in the national economy.
This webinar, to be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 3:00pm ET, will address strategies for obtaining accurate work history information. We will discuss how useful vocational evaluations and assessments are when assisting an individual with a SOAR application. You will hear from SOAR providers and a DDS representative who will share a variety of vocational resources to improve disability applications, but also helpful for explaining vocational opportunities for SOAR applicants, too. 
Participants will learn how to:
  • Use vocational assessments and evaluations in SOAR applications and future work plans
  • Obtain employer opinion letters to document work related limitations and duties
  • Complete an accurate 'Work History Report'
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  • Jennifer Nottingham, Operations Manager, Nevada Bureau of Disability Adjudication/Disability Determination Services, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Byron J. Kish, Esq., SOAR State Lead, Easterseals Colorado, Lakewood, Colorado
  • Lauren Patti, SOAR Local Lead and Assistant Director, Bayaud Enterprises Inc., Denver, Colorado