NHSDC Fall 2018 Conference - Call for Session Proposals


Call for Conference Session Proposals
The National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC) is requesting session proposals for the 2018 Fall Conference in Portland, Oregon, on October 17-18, 2018. We are looking for potential speakers who are excited to share their human services data experiences and expertise with attendees from across the country.

The theme for the conference is Start the Ignition: Implementing Changes For Our Future. NHSDC welcomes session proposals that demonstrate technical application, leadership, collaboration, implementation, innovations and best practices. We want to learn how you are implementing and getting active with creative human services programming of the future.


Topic ideas for conference sessions include:

Implementations, Innovations, and Best Practices
Service providers and administrators alike must always think outside the box for creative solutions to their specific issues. Thinking about data quality, performance and security to be effective are of the utmost importance to most communities. Also, service provider agencies often need to adapt data systems to cover a new population or new program. Ensuring data integrity and quality is critical, as is providing a seamless transition for staff.

Proposal Examples:

  • Data Sharing Beyond Traditional Social Service Systems
  • How Thinking Outside The Box Can Help Create New Solutions
  • Thinking Forward: Developing The Future Of Your Continuum
  • Coordinated Entry And HMIS
  • HMIS 101
  • Youth Initiatives And Innovation

Leadership and Collaborations within Human Services
Collaboration is essential to building strong foundations that affect the community. Getting input and feedback from all the stakeholders helps bring about effective implementation strategies in human services.  Putting it all together requires complex coordination of multiple strategies at play simultaneously.

Proposal Examples:

  • How Building Stronger Collaborations Can Affect Data
  • Why Leadership Is Important In The Ever-changing Climate Of Human Services.
  • Building A Sustainable And Adaptable System On A Shoestring Human Services Budget

Technical Applications
Show us how technology is being used to tell the story of your data. Sessions in this area should demonstrate specific uses of technology that have increased the skillsets or capacity to serve within a community. Your audience should walk away with applicable skills to enhance the utilization of human service data systems.

Proposal Examples:

  • Advanced Uses Of Technology (GIS, Advanced Excel, Mobile Devices, Social Media)
  • Technology And Applications For Data Visualizations
  • LSA Development And How To Prepare
  • Data Collections Best Practices
  • Creating System Performance Dashboards: Building Dashboard To Engage End Users

How to Submit Proposals
Please prepare and submit proposals online (at 
Deadline: Monday, June 30, 2018


To prepare for your online submission, please have the following information:

Session Title: 100 Character Maximum

Description: Descriptions should be a concise (350 words or less), narrative description of the content and purpose of the proposed session. Attendees will want to learn about real-world success and failure.

Audience and Learning Objectives: All proposals must identify the targeted level of the audience: beginner, experienced, advanced. Include learning objectives that are action-oriented and concisely communicate what you want the audience to learn.

Presenters & Bios: All proposals must include a paragraph that discusses the experience of each speaker (please include names, titles, and organization affiliation in 300 words or less). Please also identify which constituency each presenter most closely represents – Elected Official, Government, Human Service Agency, Funding Agency, HMIS Vendor (Software/Service), Consultant, or HUD Technical Assistance Provider.

Session Contact Information: Please include presenter’s telephone and email contact information. If the proposal consists of a panel or multiple presenters, please identify the individual that will serve as the primary contact for conference planning committee.

Preferred Session Format: Please indicate in your proposal your preferred format (plenary, workshop, presentation, or roundtable). If NHSDC thinks your proposal might be useful for everyone, we may reach out to you about presenting as a plenary or repeating your session.


Please note: Session lengths are planned to be between 50 & 75 minutes in length and should include time for questions and answers.

NHSDC attendees value opportunities to engage in discussion with session presenters and attendees. Interactive sessions are critical in the decision-making process.

If you don’t feel as though your proposal specifically fits one of the above topics, but feel that it could be beneficial for conference attendees, please feel free to submit your proposal with an additional narrative demonstrating this.

NHSDC offers a vendor-neutral conference. Sessions must not promote a specific company, product or service. Vendor-specific references, materials, and screenshots must be excluded from proposal and presentation materials.

Presenters chosen for the NHSDC Conference will be offered a discount off the full conference registration price. To qualify for the discount, presenters must register for the conference by the registration deadline. Please note, for panel presentations, discounts will be limited to three presenters.

The Conference Committee reserves the right to request a modification of the proposed content, which may include asking presenters to combine similar presentations.


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