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We Can't Prevent Displacement, But Here's What We *Can* Do

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
In This Issue: Inclusionary Housing in Soft Markets ● Mobility Is About More Than Finances ● San Francisco Outdoes NYC for Tenants ● A Look at the Housing Accelerator's First Year ● The Fight Is Unfinished in SF ● We Can't Prevent Displacement, But Here's What We Can Do ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events ● Industry News +
Richard Rothstein interview by Keli A. Tianga, Shelterforce
When we face the truth about housing segregation in the United States and the reasons why Black and white Americans often live in separate—and unequal—neighborhoods, it should change what we think the solutions are. Read Full Interview
Shelterforce Staff
First Steps Act Looks Like Wrong Direction | Dodd-Frank Rollback | Money For Social Determinants | Chicago Housing Segregation | More… Quick Takes From Our Editors
Interview by Miriam Axel-Lute and Keli A. Tianga, Shelterforce
The San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund launched in 2017. How is it working out so far? What level of affordability is it taking on? Shelterforce chats with Bob Annibale of Citi Community Development and Rebecca Foster of the San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund. Read Full Interview
Stephanie Reyes, Grounded Solutions Network
The time to strike isn’t when the iron is hot. Cities in soft or mixed markets should adopt inclusionary housing policies before the housing market heats up and the process becomes even more challenging. Here's how. Read Full Article
Randy Shaw, Tenderloin Housing Clinic
While protections for NYC’s tenants have steadily weakened and even disappeared since the 1990s, San Francisco’s rent control and eviction protection laws have expanded and strengthened. Why did NYC and San Francisco go in two different directions? Read Full Article
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
More than economic factors must be considered to accurately measure someone's trajectory out of poverty. You also need to measure…  Read Full Article
Chris Carlsson, writer and resident of Pigeon Palace
Stabilizing our home came at a steep price. We no longer face the threat of possible eviction, but we now confront the well-disguised iron hand of the market wrapped in the velvet gloves of “affordability” and “fairness,” pitting us against… Read Full Article
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TODAY! Wednesday, May 30, 2 p.m. ET | Preserving Affordable Homeownership Opportunities: Part II | Presenters from Grounded Solutions Network, Community Land Trust Association of West Marin, and Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs will show how to create and preserve inclusive communities by establishing community land trusts, discuss trends and best practices learned from programs on the ground, and facilitate conversations on how to implement these ideas locally around the country.
Industry News
Senate Confirms Brian Montgomery to Federal Housing Administration | By a vote of 74-23, the U.S. Senate has confirmed the president’s nomination of Brian D. Montgomery to serve as assistant secretary of housing at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration. The confirmation marks Montgomery’s second term at HUD and FHA. He has also previously served as deputy assistant to the president from 2001 to 2003 including service as secretary to the Cabinet from 2003 to 2005, and board member on the Federal Housing Finance Board, the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 Oversight Board, and NeighborWorks America Board. Montgomery most recently served as co-founder and partner at the Collingwood Group.
You Said It!

@Dan Hoffman: We’ve learned that earnings and opportunities have not increased significantly in Seattle as a result of Amazon’s dramatic expansion and the general boom in corporate business activity here in the past decade. A bit surprising, but it’s how things have played out and… —Coo Barimani, more

Thanks for this—really interesting. Wondering if there are provisions in place to ensure that the capital invested in opportunity zones goes to support affordable housing and affordable commercial space. Without those restrictions it seems… —Danya, more

What is the best place to go to understand, as a housing and community development professional, how this program can actually provide capital to Opportunity Zone projects? I understand how the historic and affordable housing credits works and, to some extent, the New Markets credit, but… —Roy Lowenstein, more

This approach also often drives wedges within communities, pitting neighbors against “squatters” and further stigmatizing those experiencing homelessness as “lawbreakers.” Until we move away from “Section 8” type voucher housing and instead create a national “homeless renter pool” of funds that can be used to provide subsidies for market rate housing access, we’ll constantly have… —Outreach Godfather, more

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Vice President of Master Site Development Urban Land Conservancy seeks an individual with 10+ years of real estate development and leadership experience to take responsibility for all phases of master development on multiple properties, including conceptual design, planning and infrastructure, community engagement, financing, and take-out strategy that... Read Full Listing
Director of Supportive Housing Management The person in this role is responsible for overseeing Foundation Communities’ permanent supportive housing portfolio and accompanying services, and creating a collaborative environment for our blended team of property management and supportive services staff. Shared accountability for outcomes is... Read Full Listing
Director of Real Estate Development Homestead Community Land Trust seeks an innovative real estate development professional to identify partnerships and opportunities for the development of homeownership properties, to conduct feasibility analyses of prioritized sites, to interpret and explain contracts to internal... Read Full Listing
Executive DirectorHousing Initiatives is a nonprofit that serves homeless mentally ill individuals using the housing-first model. Our new ED will need experience in financial and human resources management and nonprofit fund development, and will oversee a staff of at least ten people, as well as management of over... Read Full Listing
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