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Regrets of an Accidental Placemaker

Tuesday, June 19, 2018—Happy Juneteenth!
In This Issue: Grenfell Tower Fire a Catalyst for Reimagining Housing Policy? ● Community Land Cooperatives Should Oversee Local Economic Development ● Getting Health on Board ● Regrets of an Accidental Placemaker ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Resources +
Philippa P.B. Hughes, The Pink Line Project
My pitches to developers for their raw, commercial spaces usually centered around their needs and not the needs of the neighborhood or its residents. I didn’t pay much attention to what impact those events would… Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
Confusing, But Good News From Carson’s HUD | An Eviction Program Disguised As Public Safety | A National Health + Housing Model Is Completed | More… Quick Takes From Our Editors
Tanner Howard, freelance journalist
Shelterforce asked author and housing worker Glyn Robbins what led him to view U.K. and U.S. housing policy as intertwined, how public protest staved off the Conservative Party’s 2016 Housing Act, and what’s changed in the wake of Grenfell. Read Full Article
Katy Reckdahl, reporter
It’s becoming increasingly common for community development corporations and grassroots housing organizations to have board members from the health care sector. Why are they there and what do they do? Read Full Article
Brandy Brooks and Joel Rothschild, Ecovillagers Alliance 
Economic vitality is an essential aspiration for any neighborhood. However, we reject methods of economic development that cause harm to existing communities and ecologies. In particular, we reject the treatment of land parcels and commercial and residential building units as commodities to be individually bought, sold, and owned. Instead, we propose… Read Full Article
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Call for Information

If so, please let us know:

  • how long your organization has been offering these services,
  • if the services are free or low-cost, and
  • the context in which these services are provided.

The information collected could be included in an article about oral health care for seniors. We may also follow up with questions. Responses are due by Friday, June 29 and should be emailed to

Tuesday, June 26, 2 p.m. EDT | Cultivating Partnerships and Best Practices for Housing Counseling and Homeownership Programs | When homeownership programs and housing counseling agencies connect with one another, homeowners are well-served. In this webinar, Grounded Solutions Network and Athens Land Trust will share best practices for advising homebuyers

Tuesday, June 26, 3 p.m. EDT | BUILD Health Challenge: Healthy Homes Des Moines Case Study Webinar | Join Healthy Homes Des Moines, Mid-Iowa Health Foundation, and Telligen Community Initiative to learn about their experience treating asthma with healthy housing and education as part of the BUILD Health Challenge (a Kresge Foundation initiative). There will be a chance to engage one-on-one with the team and ask questions about their project. Submit questions in advance to

Thursday, June 28, 3 p.m. EDT | How to Prevent Infrastructure Privatization | As privatization of infrastructure and public-private partnerships in many communities grow, In the Public Interest is presenting a webinar that will focus on giving advocates and other stakeholders the tools to effectively intervene in local and state infrastructure projects. The webinar will will help participants identify upcoming projects in their communities that might be candidates for privatization, learn how to analyze financing, and develop campaign strategies.

Inclusion, Racial Equity, and Community Development Conference Videos | In March, the Federal Reserve Banks of San Francisco, Atlanta, and Chicago, along with the FDIC and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, held this joint conference. If you missed it or would like to see any of the presentations again, the videos of the event are now available here.

The 2018 Prosperity Now Scorecard Is Out, with New Local Data | The Prosperity Now Scorecard is a comprehensive resource for data on household financial health and policy recommendations to help put everyone in our country on a path to prosperity. While primarily focused on state outcomes, the Scorecard also provides data at the local level in order to better understand opportunities for and barriers to prosperity within communities. With this release, data also includes Congressional districts and tribal areas.

NLIHC, Out of Reach 2018: The High Cost of Housing | Out of Reach provides the Housing Wage—the hourly wage a full-time worker must earn to afford a modest rental home without spending more than 30 percent of his or her income on housing costs—for every state, county, and metropolitan area in the country. This year's report shows that on average a full-time worker in the U.S. must earn $22.10 per hour to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment at the fair market rent. Visit to learn more about the housing wage in your state and local area.

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Your advocacy for repealing Costa Hawkins will hurt tenants and small landlords alike. Consider a senior retiree who owns single-family home. She moves to a longterm care facility due to illness. She rents her home out. She recovers in two years and returns home. Without the protection of Costa Hawkins, she will not be able to move back. Her home is not hers anymore—the tenant can… —Net Ryerson, more

In reply to Net Ryerson: The elderly have always been exploited in California housing politics by those who seek greater protections for the wealthy. Your tactic is a big reason why California ended up with Prop 13, which drastically disinvested the state from local communities just as… —Stephan Medina, more

While repealing Costa-Hawkins may seem revolutionary to someone who was born after it became law, the repeal will only take us back to the way things were 23 years ago. Rather than being revolutionary, repeal would be devolutionary. It will once again allow cities and counties to… —Jerry Rioux, more
Executive Director, NCRC Community Development Fund ● NCRC Community Development Fund seeks a new Executive Director. In addition to managing the CDFI, the ED will guide the Fund's expanding financing strategy, act as entrepreneurial leader and primary fundraiser, and be our public face at trainings, media events, and conferences of peer organizations... Read Full Listing
Associate Director of National Leadership & Education The AD will assist the Director of National Leadership and Education in shaping and implementing our work educating and connecting public, private, and community leaders working to tackle the challenges of vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties. Place-based trainings, online education, peer-to-peer... Read Full Listing
Project Manager/Affordable Housing Development ● Telesis seeks an experienced PM to join our D.C. office and to oversee projects in D.C and across the country, managing all aspects of the development cycle from acquisition through completion. Most of our projects are complex, large-scale redevelopments with multiple financing sources. Our portfolio includes... Read Full Listing
Director of Property Management Reporting to the CEO, the Director is responsible for the overall management of New Community Corporation’s affordable housing, including approximately 1,600 residential family and senior units at several locations in Newark and in Hudson County. This individual will oversee... Read Full Listing
Planner Analyst/Research Associate This position is based in Texas Housers’ Houston office. The position is part of a 5-member Houston and 16-member statewide team of advocates, policy innovators, and organizers committed to achieving housing and community racial and economic justice. Texas Low Income Housing Information Service, A.K.A. Texas Housers, is... Read Full Listing
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