Updates to Low/Moderate Income Summary Data Now Available

HUD has posted the 2018 updates to the Low to Moderate Income Summary Data (LMISD) in Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) on the HUD Exchange website. These updates are NOT new data. HUD and grantees will continue to use the 2006-2010 ACS-based LMISD which was issued in 2014.
These updates revise the geographical associations of the existing data to reflect changes in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program participation for FY 2018:
  • New entitlement cities
  • Cities relinquishing their entitlement status to join a county or a state
  • Local governments joining/leaving urban counties
  • Annexations by units of local government
Updates have been made to the datasets for overall low/moderate income benefit percentages, summarized local government-level percentages, uncapped income limits, and upper quartile exception percentage calculations.
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