HUD LSA Report Update

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HUD LSA Report Update
HUD has begun beta testing of the new Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) report which will replace the AHAR report in ServicePoint.
Here is a link to the information provided by HUD:
The link includes information about a sample data set which you can upload to HDX for testing purposes. If you have any questions/issues with HDX, please contact HUD for assistance.
We are continuing to work on the development of this report in ServicePoint. In the interim, you can review your provider information as requested by HUD. We recommend using the "0227 - Project Descriptor Data Elements Data Quality" ART Gallery report for reviewing provider information. Please note that we will be releasing a new version of this report by the end of July 2018 which will have updates made by HUD to provider data elements.
You may also access additional HUD resources/information about the LSA report in this library in Salesforce "HACS ServicePoint AHAR/LSA".

Please contact your CCA if you have further questions.
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