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The Problem With Census Tracts

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
In This Issue: Section 8 Allowed ● Addressing Social Segregation in Mixed-Income Communities ● Housing, Not Warehousing ● The Problem With Census Tracts ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Industry News +
Ryan Petteway, Portland State University
We can’t truly understand how a person’s health is affected by where they live if we look only at data within arbitrary boundaries like census tracts and ignore the places people actually go and don’t go every day. For example, in one Pittsburgh neighborhood... Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
Carson’s HUD Is So Out of Touch | Seattle’s Luxury Housing Surplus | Expand Housing Subsidies, Reduce Childhood Poverty | Michigan Lets Its Students Down | More... Quick Takes From Our Editors
J. Rosie Tighe, Megan E. Hatch, and Joseph Mead, Cleveland State University
Scholars find that Housing Choice (or Section 8) Vouchers have so far had limited success in breaking up concentrations of poverty and increasing access to opportunity. But they’ve also found some improvement in voucher use when... Read Full Article
Looking for a Job? Scroll Down...
Frankie Blackburn, Bill Traynor, and Yerodin Avent, Trusted Space Partners 
Spoiler alert: a resident council is not the answer. Read Full Article
Sam J. Miller, Picture the Homeless
Warehousing is one of real estate’s best-kept secrets, and a crucial piece of how the housing market can keep supply low and demand high. One New York City organization rallied to prove warehousing still posed a problem, and pushed the boundaries of what was politically possible. Read Full Article
Industry News

Shared Prosperity Partnership Launched to Address Economic Inequality | The Kresge Foundation, the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, the Urban Institute, and Living Cities have announced the launch of a collaboration dedicated to supporting and accelerating existing local efforts to build more inclusive economies in cities across the country.

Wednesday, Aug. 1 | Healthy Homes and Communities Summit in NJ | Registration is open for the Aug. 1 Healthy Homes & Communities summit, the third in a series of discussions led by the Housing & Community Development Network of NJ with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. This year’s summit will focus on the relationship between health institutions and the community development sector. Harold Simon, Shelterforce publisher, will moderate the opening panel.

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You Said It!

All good points, but there is an important point missing here. Is the CLT itself democratic? Does it have a board elected by a combination of the residents and members from the surrounding community or does it just… —Steve Barton, more

Our members are homeowners in the strictest sense of the word. Their little plot of paradise is their home. You want their backyard to be part of a community garden, they want a practice area for their aspiring young FIFA star. Who is in control? To exercise ongoing “community control” of how their leasehold is used would disempower them and reduce them to the stature of renter. Having said that… —Anthony Jones, more

I can’t speak to the author’s experiences with participatory budgeting in Brooklyn, but in cities such as Austin it would be a major step forward. Our city is currently embarked upon a once-in-a-generation rewrite of our 1,500-page land development code, and city officials and their urbanist contractors and collaborators have completely botched the process and produced a… —Fred McGhee, more

A lot of us are not aware of our rights, and who to turn to when we are duped by the system. Voucher holders are out of the loop when it comes to knowledge that can help us to take a stand for ourselves. This is the main reason I signed up for the Shelterforce newsletter. —Patricia Boyd, more
Senior Program Officer—Economic Development & Lending Rural LISC seeks an individual to lead our lending team and oversee the implementation of national and rural economic development strategies, with and through our network of rural CDCs and CDFIs, and key economic development focused team members. Rural LISC is in the top five in lending within... Read Full Listing
Program Officer—Lending Rural LISC seeks an individual to manage our rural lending opportunities via our network of rural CDCs and CDFIs, and Rural LISC’s Field Program team members. We maintain a diverse portfolio of loans in affordable housing, community facilities, and small business development... Read Full Listing
Executive Director ● Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk seeks a dynamic, passionate executive director for this 30-year-old affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. Habitat Suffolk partners with families in our community to help them build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. Our new ED should be committed to... Read Full Listing
Executive Director, NCRC Community Development Fund ● NCRC Community Development Fund seeks a new executive director. In addition to managing the CDFI, the ED will guide the Fund's expanding financing strategy, act as entrepreneurial leader and primary fundraiser, and be our public face at trainings, media events, and conferences of peer organizations... Read Full Listing
Project Manager/Affordable Housing Development ● Telesis seeks an experienced PM to join our D.C. office and to oversee projects in D.C and across the country, managing all aspects of the development cycle from acquisition through completion. Most of our projects are complex, large-scale redevelopments with multiple financing sources. Our portfolio includes... Read Full Listing
Director of Property Management Reporting to the CEO, the director is responsible for the overall management of New Community Corporation’s affordable housing, including approximately 1,600 residential family and senior units at several locations in Newark and in Hudson County. This individual will oversee... Read Full Listing
Planner Analyst/Research Associate This position is based in Texas Housers’ Houston office. The position is part of a 5-member Houston and 16-member statewide team of advocates, policy innovators, and organizers committed to achieving housing and community racial and economic justice. Texas Low Income Housing Information Service, A.K.A. Texas Housers, is... Read Full Listing
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