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Updates On ServicePoint & Qlik Sense
Product Update
As you may have noted in last month's NewsWire, we've moved to a quarterly release for our full NewsWire announcement. In order to keep you better informed about product development, we're committed to providing you with product updates on ServicePoint and Qlik Sense every month.

ServicePoint 6 Development Update
We are excited to share that we just completed our highest velocity sprint to-date. We completed 45 distinct work tasks over the previous two-week period. These tasks focused on the following key areas of the system: ensuring User Access Levels are enforced correctly throughout the system, addressing several known issues with ensuring the Data Visibility model is obeyed throughout the system, resolved a few accessibility issues, corrected a few known issues with EDA mode and Provider Admin, and addressed several items related to overall system aesthetics to improve usability. We also completed quite a few tasks related updating the development tools in use to stay up-to-date on the underlying technology used to develop and support the system.
In the sprint immediately prior to our most recent sprint, we completed a major overhaul of the Clients section. This new design has now been implemented for both Users and Clients. It dramatically improves the organization of those sections. In the current sprint, we are applying the same design and organization to the Provider Admin area of the system. Additionally, this sprint will include work related to improving the Client Search feature, a few more Data Visibility model and User Admin corrections, as well as more back-end work to support the system.   

ServicePoint 5 Development Update
Our team is working diligently on coding the new LSA Report. We expect this report to be available for use in ServicePoint by September 1st. In addition to the LSA report, we are focusing our development efforts on ensuring other "canned" funder reports are accurate and reliable, and addressing critical defects that may prevent successful daily use of the system.
We will provide additional updates related to the LSA Report progress between now and September 1st.

Qlik Sense Development Update
Our engineering team is working diligently to both deliver product enhancements and begin the process of integrating Qlik Sense with ServicePoint 6. To that end, we'll deliver smaller updates through the next few months, allowing for the integration work to proceed as quickly as possible. During this time, we'll begin the final steps related to coding visibility and security so that we can soon allow all users to access Qlik Sense! Keep your eyes peeled in early fall for the first Library Report releases as well!
In July, we timed the publication of Qlik Sense release notes to occur a few days prior to the actual site update. This will be the format of our releases going forward. This will give you the opportunity to review new functionality and ask questions prior to your site's update. Our next release is expected to occur the second week of August and will apply time zones as appropriate for your site.
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