August 2018 NCHV eNewsletter

August 2018 NCHV eNewsletter
NCHV is ending homelessness among veterans by shaping public policy, promoting collaboration, and building the capacity of service providers
Harbor Freight Tools Accepting Donation Requests from Veteran Causes
Harbor Freight Tools supports veteran-related nonprofit organizations that by donating gift cards to Harbor Freight, which can be utilized in employment training/assistance efforts, maintenance and renovation, or anything else your organization or the veterans you serve may need. Harbor Freight carries a wide variety of quality tools and related items available at the lowest prices.

Hill Watch: Appropriations Update - August Recess Slows Process
With Congress out for much of August, there has been little movement on funding the government since our last Hill Watch. Below is a summary of where the process had left off as of our last communication: 

House Proposed
HUD-VASH $40m in new vouchers
SSVF $340m
GPD $257m
HVRP $50m

Senate Proposed
HUD-VASH $40m in new vouchers
SSVF $450m
GPD $257m
HVRP $50m

These figures are good news. Both the House and Senate have independently committed to increases in HUD-VASH and HVRP funding, indicating a high likelihood of the final funding levels for FY 2019 matching those above. GPD is under no threat of cuts and is slated to remain funded at its current level. The only section in doubt is SSVF: With the House recommending a flat funding level of $340 million, and the Senate recommending an increase to $450 million, the final number is currently impossible to project.

As for the legislative vehicles for these proposals, they are contained in three separate packages. First, GPD and SSVF: as VA funded programs, they are appropriated for in the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs (MilCon/VA) bill. Right now, that bill number is H.R. 5895. Both the House and Senate have passed their own versions of that bill, and it is now in conference. Despite the early progress this bill had made, immediately after the conference committee convened a problem developed which has put that process on ice. To read more about the road block, see this July 12 reporting by the Military Times:

HVRP, funded by the Department of Labor, is appropriated for in the Labor/HHS/Education bill numbered H.R. 6470 and S. 3158 in the House and Senate respectively. HUD-VASH, specifically the HUD voucher portion, is funded through the Transportation/HUD bill, currently numbered as H.R. 6072 and S. 3023. Of all of these bills, only the MilCon/VA bill is to the conference stage; the HUD and DOL bills have yet to receive floor votes in their chambers. 

With Congress returning soon from its August break, the process of funding the government is entering the final stretch before the traditional deadline of Sept. 30. It remains to be seen if that deadline will be met, or if continuing resolutions will push it back into the winter. Stay tuned to NCHV's email blasts for up-to-date information. 
Webinar: Home, Together: The Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness
The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) has released the updated federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness, Home Together. To introduce the updated plan, USICH hosted a webinar to discuss the plan's objectives and to answer questions. A recording of the webinar, along with the presentation slides, are now available on the USICH website. Home Together was created with the feedback and input of experts and stakeholders involved in ending homelessness in communities across the country, and draws upon best practices and what has been proven to work. USICH also made it known that they are constantly seeking feedback from the field, to adapt and update the plan, help address challenges, and share resources and strategies that have proven to be successful.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health: Exploring Implications for Policy through the VHA's Universal Screening for Housing Instability Among Veteran Outpatients
Join the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for Addressing Social Determinants of Health: Exploring Implications for Policy through the Veterans Health Administration's Universal Screening for Housing Instability Among Veteran Outpatients, on Thursday, Sept. 13, 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET.
Join the meeting online at, call
1-800-767-1750 and use access code 70207# for the audio
VA has been a leader in incorporating screening in the health care setting to assess social determinants of veterans' health, including assessing for lack of stable housing, intimate partner violence (IPV), military sexual trauma (MST), and food insecurity. Many studies have cited the importance of screening for these conditions and have identified appropriate responses; however, little research has focused on how that happens in practice.
A study of the Veterans Health Administration's (VHA) universal screen for housing instability has examined veterans' perceptions of this particular social experience to determine whether screening tools and methods measure the appropriate concepts and connect patients with appropriate interventions. In this research symposium, we will hear from researchers who have conducted this study: they will describe how the process works for clinical providers, social workers, and the veterans themselves. What is working well? What happens when a veteran screens positive for homelessness or risk? How do different social risks intersect and interact?
The implications of the research for policy and practice—and its relevance to addressing other social determinants of health within the health care setting—will be discussed in this roundtable panel of researchers and leaders in the VHA.
Now Available for Pre-order: The First Comprehensive Book on Veteran Homelessness
Homelessness Among U.S. Veterans: Critical Perspectives, edited by Jack Tsai, summarizes over a decade of research featuring 25 national experts covering topics like mental illness and substance use, primary care, criminal justice, money management, mortality, and information technology.

The book will be published by Oxford University Press and will be available in hard copy December 2018. Pre-orders can be made now.

Ordering Details: Get 30% off with the promo code "AMPROMD9" by ordering through Oxford. The book is also available on Amazon.
Funding Opportunities
Barbasol has a charitable foundation that provides grants for community food banks, homeless shelters, and other social services. These grants have primarily been awarded around Ashland and Columbus, OH, however, the foundation is open to offers from elsewhere. The grant applications deadlines are Jan. 10 and June 10, and grants open again every calendar year.

Charles Lafitte Foundation offers grants to organizations that promote inclusiveness while looking to alleviate human problems. There is no geographic or monetary limit on this grant, all grants applications will be considered. Grant applications are accepted year round.

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