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Homelessness in America: Focus on People with Disabilities Experiencing Chronic Homelessness 

To prevent and end homelessness in America, we must have a clear understanding of who is at risk of homelessness and who goes on to experience it.  

In this second installment of our Homelessness in America series, we focus on people with disabilities experiencing chronic homelessness, who make up 24% of individual adults experiencing homelessness and 5% of families.   

After Ending Veteran Homelessness in 2015, Philadelphia Turned to Sustainability

The partnership between HUD, VA, the City, and an array of nonprofit providers that helped Philadelphia provide housing opportunities to more than 2,000 Veterans had to turn its attention to making sure Veterans exiting homelessness succeeded in housing.
Read more from Kathleen Salerno at Veterans Multi-Service Center about how the Philadelphia pilot program resulted in measurable success for Veterans.

Watch the Webinar on Improving Employment Outcomes for Veterans Exiting Homelessness

Home, Together calls for an increased focus on helping people who exit homelessness find employment success. USICH and our member agencies recently formed an interagency working group to continue to strengthen our strategies and collaboration.    
In this webinar recording, learn more about programs in the Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs that can work collaboratively to help Veterans find stable employment.

New Guide from the Department of Justice Helps Youth Navigate Re-Entry       

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention released "Reentry Starts Here: A Guide for Youth in Long-Term Juvenile Corrections and Treatment Programs."  
The guide is designed to help youth prepare for re-entry and success in their community, including critical questions about housing stability.
We are listening to your feedback on "Home,Together." Make sure you are being heard! 
Check out what one community member in Austin,Texas, had to say about the Plan.

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