Investing in Rapid Re-Housing

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Investing in RRH for Individual Adults

Homelessness among individual adults has only decreased by 1 percent in the past five years. One likely reason is the failure to adequately invest in rapid re-housing (RRH) for this population. While there are RRH resources for 1 of every 3 homeless people in families, there is only RRH for 1 of every 11 homeless individual adults.
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Webinar: The Role of Emergency Shelter in Diversion

This upcoming Alliance webinar will explore the important role emergency shelters play in implementing diversion strategies to keep people out of homelessness. Alliance and provider experts will discuss the difference between prevention and diversion and hone in on strategies for identifying safe, appropriate alternatives to shelter.
Webinar: Thursday, September 27, 2018 • 2 p.m. ET • Register »

Using the NOFA Process to Improve System Design

Later this month, communities will submit their 2018 CoC Program NOFA applications. The NOFA process is a great opportunity to make long-term changes to improve the efficiency of your community's homeless system. The Alliance has resources to help you get started using the NOFA to improve system design:

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