JOBS: Shelter Shift Manager (Baltimore County, MD)

Job Title: Shelter Shift Manager – Part Time
Reports to: Shelter Manager
Classification: Non-Exempt

The Shift Manager is a part-time hourly position who report to the Shelter Manager (hourly pay based on experience). Shift Managers monitor the cold weather shelter during open hours, 6:00pm-7:00am November 5 – April 15, and during inclement weather hours as determined by the Executive Director. They are the front line of shelter operations: interacting with clients, volunteers, churches, and special visitors.

Primary Responsibilities:
At Shelter Manager’s direction, follow established intake process on each accepted applicant, including conducting the intake interview and filling out all appropriate forms.
Maintain and respect all men’s privacy by keeping all records locked
Maintain a journal of the activities and events in the shelter that will also be kept locked and available for review by the Shelter Manager, Executive Director, and Board of Directors.
Ensure that all chores are completed in a timely fashion.
Prepare shelter for opening and closing before and after clients leave the facility.
Report any incidents of fighting or abusive behavior to the Shelter Manager immediately.
Follow and enforce all rules established for the operation of the shelter.
Document all entries and dismissals
Keep client records confidential, whether written or verbal.
Maintain good and encouraging relationships with all clients.
Report to the Shelter Manager any verbal or written updates on clients’ progress in finding housing, employment, or other benchmark areas.

Requirements & Experience:
Experience working with homeless or at-risk population
Effective interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
Ability to work under pressure and in an emergency, especially with clients with physical or mental disabilities
Ability to work nights

Two (2) part-time positions are available, flexible hours at $12/hr. Must be able to work between the hours of 6:00pm and 7:30am. Two shifts available: Evening (6pm-12am) and Morning (12am-7:30am).

About Streets of Hope:
The purpose of Churches for Streets of Hope is to mobilize Southeast Baltimore County to work together in Christ-centered mission for the relief of our area's poor, distressed, and underprivileged so that they can spark hope in our community.

To meet our mission, we operate a 16-bed men's homeless shelter, serving 30 to 50 guests per year. As churches work together to care for these men by helping them find employment, homes, and solid support networks, they are discovering more ways to fulfill our mission. The community-wide effort from over 30 member and partner churches and organizations of all backgrounds not only helps our homeless neighbors find solutions, but also connects them through one-on-one relationships with ordinary people in our neighborhoods.

Churches for Streets of Hope is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

About our Cold Weather Shelter:
Streets of Hope operates the only cold weather shelter for men in Southeast Baltimore County (Essex, Dundalk, Middle River, etc.) as a part of the Baltimore County Continuum of Care. We operate out of member churches every November through April with the help of seven (8) staff and more than 200 volunteers. Our shelter is open nightly from 6:00pm to 7:30am. Member and partner churches provide a hot meal each night, and collect donations from clothes to electronics to help the men we serve find their way out from homelessness.

To apply, download our application for employment.  Return completed applications along with a current resume by Friday, October 5 to or send by mail to: Churches for Streets of Hope PO Box 34073, Essex, MD 21221