JOBS: Youth Worker + Program Assistant (Baltimore County, MD)

PT Youth Worker (SHMS, Innterim)

Responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing activities for youth residing at Family Shelter.  Assures that necessary client supervision is provided, and attends to client crises appropriately.
  • Facilitate daily activities for youth residents of Sarah’s Hope.
  • Supervise youth during program hours to ensure safety of young people at all times, and ensure adherence to the rules and principles of Sarah’s Hope.
  • Work with other Youth Workers to plan and implement after school and weekend enrichment activities for youth.
  • Facilitate and supervise daily snack time for youth.
  • Provide direction to volunteers assisting with youth activities.
  • Advises/informs Children’s Coordinator regarding trends, needs and problems associated with youth.
  • Propose program activities and advise and inform the Children’s Coordinator on youth program plans prior to implementation.
  • Attend regular supervision/planning meetings with the Children’s Coordinator.

Program Assistant, Mount Street/Innterim (PT, FT, Weekend, On-Call)

Responsible for direct oversight of the day to day operations of the shelter, and provides general and immediate response to client situations. Also responsible for providing assistance in the supervision of shelter guests and ensures a safe environment is provided for all.
  1. Assures that Daily/Weekly/Monthly schedule of chores are completed by residents in a satisfactory and timely manner.
  2. Assigns tasks to guests of Hannah More and assures they are carried out satisfactorily.
  3. Assures that bathrooms have sufficient personal supplies on a daily basis.
  4. Ensures responsibility for the safety of the shelter on a daily basis, and respond appropriately to emergencies.
  5. Assumes responsibility for observing when maintenance supplies need re-ordering, and informs Director accordingly.
  6. Ensures a peaceful and respectful atmosphere in all programs.
  7. Participates in education group with clients as assigned.