ServicePoint ART + Java Update

Mozilla is about to switch over to supporting only Version 60 of Firefox ESR. Version 60 does not support the Java plug-in
and they will no longer support V52 which did support the Java plug-in.

Per the Mozilla blog: "ESR 52 will be the last ESR release that supports legacy add-ons. Support for ESR 52 officially ends
on August 2018." The Java plug-in is considered a legacy add-on by Mozilla.

Going forward, the only browser that supports the editing of ART reports is the current version of Internet Explorer 11.
Internet Explorer 11 also does not support old versions of Java, i.e. version 7. We recommend the below steps to enable the ability to continue editing ART reports for adhoc users:

1) Uninstall Java 7 from the computer
2) Download and install Java 8 32-bit edition (current version) from Java website
3) Reboot Computer
4) Open Windows Control Panel
5) Double-left-click on Java icon
6) Left-click on "Security" tab
7) Set security level to "High" if it isn't already set to "High"
8) Edit "Exception Site List" to include the following URLs:
a) Your ServicePoint URL

The second URL is used to access ART. Please also make sure that your pop-up blocker is either disabled or has these
sites added to the pop-up blocker's exception list.

Please note that ART viewers can view/schedule ART reports without having the Java plug-in installed on their computer.
Please contact your CCA if you have any questions