Updates on ServicePoint & Qlik Sense

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Updates On ServicePoint & Qlik Sense
ServicePoint 6 Development Update
Since our last update, we have completed over 100 distinct work tasks. These tasks focused on the following key areas of the system: completed the Provider Admin redesign; improved Client Search algorithm and results table; began removal of data entry popup windows within the Clients area; added transition animation to help clarify system navigation; normalized method for entering and leaving "edit mode"; license assignment and administration; and made several general user interface improvements. In addition, we corrected a few known issues in the following areas: User Permissions and Visibility, Shadow mode, Provider Group creation, List creation, and Form Field ordering. Our current sprint is focused primarily on completing License Admin, Qlik Sense integration, and additional User Interface improvements. Our next several Sprints will focus on ShelterPoint, more User Interface adjustments and upgrade scripts from ServicePoint 5.

Qlik Sense Development Update
Our engineering team has been busy behind the scenes since our last product update.  We've made several improvements to the existing customer version of Qlik Sense and laid out plans to align the development of Qlik Sense within the planned roadmap for ServicePoint 6.  Most noteworthy is the decision to start utilizing separate Apps for various pieces of report functionality.  The first of these new Apps will be for the development of the System Performance Measures which will be re-created for customers in Qlik Sense. 
In the last month we've made the following changes to Qlik Sense:
  • Removal of the "date updated" limiter for Entry Exit assessments
  • Correction of Actionstep object labels
  • Correction of issue with Measurement records
  • Addition of a number of new Base Sheets; removal/replacement of older Base Sheets
  • Integration of ServicePoint 6 and Qlik Sense using a similar connection functionality to that of ServicePoint 5
In September we'll complete testing of the two most recent upgrades from Qlik and begin the process of applying them to customer sites.  We will also begin working on a new App in preparation for the System Performance Measures reports rebuild process. Finally, we'll review the code for the Time Zone fix applied in August to ensure that it is working properly across all customer sites. 

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