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Can Nonprofits Get Out the Vote?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018
In This Issue: Can Cities Fix Their Polarization Problem? ● A Message of Support For Immigrant Neighbors ● Warren Bill Takes on the Affordability Crisis ● 30 Years of Reporting on the Nation’s Housing ● Can Nonprofits Get Out the Vote? ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events ● Opportunity +

A: Yes, and they should! Nonprofits are often uncertain about what they can legally do leading up to an election and therefore hold back, but there’s a lot that can be done. For example, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations can… View Full Infographic
Shelterforce Staff
A New Kind of Library Lending | Amazon's Wage Raise | Life for Philadelphia's Poor | Bipartisan Work on the Opioid Epidemic | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
Review by Angela Glover Blackwell, PolicyLink
As Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and other older cities rebound, Alan Mallach wrestles with an unsettling question: Is it really a comeback if a city leaves so many of its residents behind? PolicyLink’s Angela Glover Blackwell reviews Mallach’s new book, The Divided City, and offers her own answer to the question. Read Full Article
Lena Afridi, Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development
In today’s climate, the first and often most important barrier between vulnerable residents and deportation is simply their front door. Read Full Article
Peter Cohen, San Francisco Council of Community Housing Organizations 
Sen. Warren's proposed bill represents the kind of holistic housing strategy we need from the federal government in facilitating affordable housing for all Americans. What are its strongest points, and what are its blind spots? Read Full Article
Daniel McCue, Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University
Although the problems of inadequate housing supply are familiar to us—obstacles to homeownership, renter cost burdens, assistance programs not keeping pace with need—all of them have gotten significantly worse since 1988… Read Full Article
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Shelterforce Receives Media Award

We’re proud to be recognized for a second time by the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey for our work to “inform the public about the inequities in housing and add to the understanding of income disparity in our communities.” Shelterforce “has been a medium for discussion on equity and social justice issues including housing, economic development, health, education, safety, and other issues that affect low-income communities in America.” Friday, Oct. 12, the award will be presented at the network's annual meeting, Under One Roof. Click here for the full list of awardees, and here for general and registration info about the conference.

Thursday, Oct. 25, 2 p.m. ET | State and Local Policies to Expand Access to High-Opportunity Neighborhoods | Presented by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, this webinar will discuss two areas where state and local policies can help expand low-income families’ access to neighborhoods of opportunity—prohibiting discrimination against voucher holders and expanding opportunity through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit.

  • Arts in Complex Community Change: For teams from up to 15 community agencies and arts organizations who want to strengthen their ability to work adaptively and address complex community challenges through the arts.
  • Artists as Change Agents within Complexity: For groups of up to 10 artists who are interested in developing their artistic practice as a central methodology for systemic change in their local community.

Applications are due Oct. 15 and availability is limited to four communities.
You Said It!

It absolutely seems to point in the right direction. One caveat from a middle America perspective—it must address more than just the ‘hot market’ problems of the coasts, where attention is generally centered. There are also disinvested communities where prices are too low, resulting in blight and… —Steve Lockwood, more

What is good for neighborhoods, every neighborhood, from the poorest to the richest, is good for housing, either directly or… —Norm Seubert, via Facebook (read more)

Banning discrimination by income source is not a silver bullet. California bans discrimination by income source, yet landlords can still refuse Section 8 tenants. Our courts ruled that Section 8 is not a source of “income.” It’s a subsidy. Even if the subsidy were considered income, landlords could still… —Jerry Rioux, more

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Southeast Texas Co-Director ● Texas' foremost housing policy research and advocacy organization seeks a leader dedicated to racial and economic justice; possessing a passion and expertise for fair housing, affordable homes, environmental justice, and equity in public infrastructure for low-income communities. We seek a person who is confident to speak out and… Read Full Listing
Policy and Program Manager ● NHRC brings together many parts of the housing counseling community to be an effective advocacy voice. The PPM will develop policy positions, working with member organizations and housing advocates to develop consensus. This is a high-impact position with national significance, which… Read Full Listing
Relationship and Innovations Manager ● The person in this role will convene local outreach events for underserved homebuyers and work with local housing counseling agencies to develop innovative programs and funding opportunities that could become models for housing counseling organizations around the country… Read Full Listing
Director of Communications The Florida Housing Coalition, a statewide nonprofit providing training and technical assistance on all things affordable housing, is seeking a Communications Director. This individual will implement the strategy for marketing new initiatives, website, public relations messages, and collateral to… Read Full Listing
Real Estate and Cooperative Development Director ● The person in this role will direct and assist the effective development of affordable housing, non-housing facilities that serve Oregon communities, and the conversion of manufactured home parks into resident-owned communities. As a member of the management team, this… Read Full Listing
Manufactured Housing Cooperative Development Community Organizer and Technical Assistance Provider ● The principal tasks of the CO/TAP are to organize the tenants of manufactured housing communities, train them to operate a resident-owned cooperative, and help them understand the responsibilities and duties required to… Read Full Listing
Financial and Business Manager ● This thriving St. Paul nonprofit housing organization seeks the right individual to manage our office, oversee our home improvement loan program and asset management (residential rental properties and commercial buildings), prepare budgets, work plans, and… Read Full Listing
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