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Can the Warren Proposal Unite Housers?

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
In This Issue: Sitting on a Porch Can Be Good for Your Health ● Does Source-of-Income Protection Work? ● Voucher Holder Denied Housing ● Can the Warren Proposal Unite Housers? Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events ● Resources ● Opportunity +
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Every once in a while someone says: “What would it look like if we came together and were united on a federal policy for housing?” The responses tend to vary from “Solutions need to be local” to “That would be great, but who would actually do it?” Well, it seems like the answer to the latter might currently be Senator Elizabeth Warren. Last week, Sen. Warren introduced…  Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
Custom Job Searches for Veterans | Middle Neighborhoods | Manufactured Housing | Senior Cost Burden At All-Time High | More… Quick Takes From Our Editors
Joanna Taft, The Harrison Center for the Arts
To help combat isolation and reweave a connecting social fabric that had been lost, a neighborhood arts center launches an initiative that eventually became a movement. Read Full Article
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Judi Kende, Enterprise Community Partners
Elizabeth Barnes of Buffalo, New York, has held down a job since she was 15, and has worked hard to support herself over the years. But when she was 41… Read Full Article
Q: Can Prohibiting Source-of-Income Discrimination Help Voucher Holders?

A: Yes. Currently landlords in most places can discriminate against voucher holders, and many do. For example… See Full Infographic
Shelterforce Receives Media Award

We’re proud to be recognized for a second time by the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey for our work to “inform the public about the inequities in housing and add to the understanding of income disparity in our communities.” Shelterforce “has been a medium for discussion on equity and social justice issues including housing, economic development, health, education, safety and other issues that affect low-income communities in America.” On Oct. 12, the award will be presented at the network's annual meeting, Under One Roof. Click here for the full list of awardees. For info about the conference and to register, click here.

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2 p.m. ET | Webinar: State and Locally Funded Rental Assistance Can Advance Health and Housing Integration | This webinar from Center for Budget and Policy Priorities will discuss how rental assistance programs to advance health and housing integration operate, who they serve, how they’re funded, and advocacy efforts that shaped them. Participants will hear key findings and learn details from state experts working directly with their own rental assistance programs. 

ArtPlace America and Local Initiatives Support Corporation have released “Creative Placemaking & Community Safety,” a new report by Urban Institute that tells the stories of four creative placemaking initiatives that seek to improve community safety. This collaborative effort integrates arts, criminal justice, and social change research methods, expanding the body of evidence that arts and culture leaders are integral to multi-sector approaches to achieving safety in urban and rural areas across the country.

  • Arts in Complex Community Change: For teams from up to 15 community agencies and arts organizations who want to strengthen their ability to work adaptively and address complex community challenges through the arts.
  • Artists as Change Agents within Complexity: For groups of up to 10 artists who are interested in developing their artistic practice as a central methodology for systemic change in their local community.

Applications are due Oct. 15 and availability is limited to four communities.
Shelterforce on the Road

Shelterforce editor Miriam Axel-Lute will be at the Grounded Solutions Network Intersections conference in Pittsburgh, Oct. 2-4 and the Opportunity Finance Network conference in Chicago, Oct. 8-11.

Shelterforce publisher Harold Simon is at the Federal Reserve’s Reinventing Communities conference in Baltimore, Oct. 1-2 and will attend the Root Cause Coalition conference in New Orleans, Oct. 7-9.

Keep an eye out for us and come say hello!
You Said It!

Nothing consequential will occur until we change the assumption that all “growth” is positive, and the yardstick for “success” is measured in business terms (“urban planning” model), rather than in socioeconomic terms (Community Economic Development). Instead of re-inventing the “urban planning” model, struggling communities will continue to slide onto the sidelines of… —Fernando Centeno, more

May I suggest that a better standard to bring about control by those victimized by slumlords is that expropriation be considered for owners who do not live in the census track in question and have allowed more than 1 serious violation per apartment to have occurred in… —Abbott Gorin, more

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Policy and Program Manager ● NHRC brings together many parts of the housing counseling community to be an effective advocacy voice. The PPM will develop policy positions, working with member organizations and housing advocates to develop consensus. This is a high-impact position with national significance, which… Read Full Listing
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