LSA Export Update from HUD

LSA Export Update from HUD
"Here are some key messages and materials that have gone out already that you can help us share/emphasize with CoCs:

  • All materials and list serv messages related to the HDX 2.0 and LSA are housed on the HUD Exchange HDX page. Any updated materials related to the LSA report or the HDX 2.0 interface aimed at Sys Admins and HMIS Leads will be posted there, so you could encourage them to review it carefully and perhaps even bookmark the page.
  • This list serv message from September describes how the HDX 2.0 will be the way CoCs are expected to "see" their LSA results. The main takeaway to emphasize is that this process will be a shift from the current norm where the report from the HMIS is the end product. Now, we will want people to think of downloading a report from the HMIS and then uploading to HDX 2.0 as a single, seamless action necessary to review their LSA.
  • This list serv message from Wednesday describes the schedule for submission. Key takeaways here:
    • CoCs have to at least log in and attempt an upload within 10 days. If it fails, that's fine, but they have to have at least tried so we, you, and they can collectively get the ball rolling on fixes. Problems might be located in the Specs, in the programming of the report, or in the HDX calculations, so we will need time to work cooperatively with each other to implement necessary fixes.
    • The data submission deadline should be thought of as the starting point for LSA review and correction. We will have data collectors and staff here working with CoCs and vendors all throughout November, December and January to figure this all out collectively.
  • Yes, CoCs really are supposed to have a project in HMIS for every project in their HIC, even the nonparticipating ones. We posted a more detailed, refined version of the PDDE webinar to the HUD Exchange and it would be great if you encouraged your customers to watch it and work on getting their inventory data cleaned up."

WellSky will have the export ready for customers on or before October 31, 2018. WellSky recommends reviewing previous LSA NewsFlashes including one with information about the 0227 ART Gallery report available in the Customer Community Library.

Please contact your CCA if you have further questions.