News from the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

Funding Offers New Ways to Help Single Adults Experiencing Homelessness 

HUD's new mainstream vouchers expand the resources communities can use to provide housing opportunities to single adults experiencing homelessness.

Read more from Policy Director Lindsay Knotts about how communities can prepare to use these funding sources to drive progress and end homelessness.

Innovative Pilot Program Creates a Coordinated Response for Youth Experiencing or At-Risk of Homelessness 

Los Angeles County launched three pilot efforts in 2017 to build new links between the Youth Coordinated Entry System and the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. 
LA County Program Manager William Lehman explains how the pilots create bridges among the systems that young people most frequently interact with 

Congratulations to our partners in Lincoln, Nebraska, for effectively ending Veteran homelessness! 

New Resources for Communities to Respond to Unsheltered Homelessness      

CSH recently released a suite of tools, based on materials created by Project HOME and the City of Philadelphia, to help communities strengthen the development and implementation of comprehensive outreach and engagement for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.    

Many thanks to the people from 17 different communities who convened in Jackson, Mississippi, to collaborate on solutions to help end rural homelessness. 

Is your community planning to use "Home, Together" to guide your local planning and strategies? Tell us about it!

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