A simple request

On this #GivingTuesday we’re asking for your support.

Today, you may receive dozens of requests for help from very worthy nonprofits. All of them will tell you why it’s important to support them. We’d also like to tell you why, after 43 years, we are still an important part of the field and make a difference in the lives of many people.

But, rather than telling you ourselves, we thought it would be best of it came from one of our readers. Tiffany Eng of Grounded Solutions wrote us a note, reproduced in its entirety below, telling us why Shelterforce is important to her. Her words, and words from other readers, inspire us at Shelterforce every day. We hope they inspire you to lend your support today.
"I wanted to send you a short note of appreciation and let you know how much I value Shelterforce and your timely and relevant articles, which are always shareworthy. The breadth and depth of your content keep pace with—and more often lead—my conversations at the national and community level and I really appreciate the fact that so much content comes directly from practitioners and thought leaders.

Whenever I see Shelterforce articles echo throughout social media, or forwarded to an email list I’m on, I either get a momentary burst of satisfaction in knowing 'I already read that,' a helpful nudge reminding myself 'I meant to read that!', or a puzzling look as I click on the link trying to figure out 'How did I miss that?!' Recently, I saw a coworker confidently reference Shelterforce content in a Facebook debate with a friend over rent control. I’m pretty sure she won the debate.

After each read, I often find myself reposting or forwarding on to a co-worker, a friend, or even my spouse. The public comments and discussions, the policy summaries, the updates on notable staffing changes, and even the ads for upcoming conferences are just some of the ways Shelterforce reminds me I’m part of something bigger and orients my work within the larger affordable housing sector.

At Grounded Solutions, we benefit from having Shelterforce as a platform to share information through ads and articles, but we also benefit by giving subscriptions to our employees and sharing magazines with our conference attendees. I support Shelterforce as an individual because it keeps me informed, engaged and inspired. And it’s hard to think of a better gift for a new grad student, a recent graduate, a retiring coworker, or a new hire. It’s also an easy way organizations can invest in professional development.

Shelterforce belongs to anyone who’s ever read an article, shared an article, or cited an article, and we all have a collective responsibility for stewarding it into the future."

—Tiffany Eng, Director of Homekeeper, Grounded Solutions Network
We hope you’ve also been able to use Shelterforce in the ways Tiffany Eng does. We appreciate and are encouraged by her words and her ongoing support. Since 1975—43 years—we’ve relied on readers like you and Tiffany to help keep Shelterforce going and growing! Won’t you take a moment to make a tax-deductible contribution to the first and only publication that is the voice of and the voice for community development. 

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