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Losing Your Kids Because You Lost Your Home

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
In This Issue: Dear Presidential Hopefuls: The People Want to Talk About Housing ● What We Know About Market-Rate Housing and Displacement ● Losing Your Kids Because You Lost Your Home ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events ● You Said It! +
Susan Abrams, freelance writer
About 10 percent of children in foster care are placed there due to unstable housing. A new L.A. County pilot program is tackling this by providing housing help to enable families to reunify faster. Read Full Article
Tara Raghuveer, Reco Swift, Monique George, Sarah Stewart, and Linda Armitage, People's Action
Before we celebrate the acknowledgement of housing as a national political issue, we should understand why America has overlooked it for so long. Based on our experience at the front lines of our nation’s housing crisis, it comes down to these things…  Read Full Article
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Shelterforce Staff
Rent Burden Relief | Policy Suggestions for Worker Co-ops | A New Credit Scoring Model | States Take on Housing | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
Huibin Amelia Chew, Mellon-ACLS fellow
Rent control is on the ballet in California today. The real estate industry says it isn't needed. Here's the research that proves them wrong. Read Full Article

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2 p.m. ET | Series Kickoff Webinar | Remaking the Economy: A Guide to Nonprofit Roles and Tools | When economic and social structures as a whole are decaying, the problems being addressed by nonprofits may worsen. But there are ways to affect the economy and stop trends towards greater inequality. Nonprofit Quarterly is launching a new series: Building a More Democratic Economy to offer practical tools. This kickoff webinar will feature Gar Alperovitz, plus speakers from the Schott Foundation, Native Americans in Philanthropy, the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, and Boston Impact Initiative.
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2 p.m. ET | Setting the Table: Developing Partnerships & Shared Values Webinar | How do you set common goals early on and create a shared vision for your creative placemaking project with local partners? Webinar attendees will learn how to define relationships, roles, and responsibilities when embarking on a creative placemaking project. Julie Garreau, executive director of Cheyenne River Youth Project and NEA Our Town Recipient, will share the process she uses. First in a series of six “how to” webinars presented by LISC, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Kresge Foundation.  
You Said It!

I get the community land trust (CLT) theory: if much or all of our homes were in CLTs, it would certainly keep home ownership more affordable on a mass scale. But…CLT’s have had upwards of 40 years to prove themselves, and the absolute number of homes in CLTs is minuscule… —Peter C Werwath, more

Glad to see this question continuing to be elevated and amplified. … Related to CLTs and wealth building, a recent reference to the work of Grounded Solutions Network member CLT Proud Ground…states: “The typical Proud Ground homebuyer makes an average income of $41,000 or 65 percent of AMI at the… —Tony Pickett, more
The average Proud Ground owner in Portland earned that much because of the particularly rapid rise in home values in Portland during that ten-year period. That rise in home values was due to gentrification… —Karen Gibson, more

Author Reply:
Karen, that is true in general, but less true for Proud Ground than for homes not in a CLT. Much of that equity is from “forced savings” from paying back what they borrowed, since Proud Ground homes are resale restricted… It’s the unfettered home sales that are really contributing to… —Miriam Axel-Lute, more

Given that housing alone can’t close the racial wealth gap, what are the implications for the Warren bill? I’ve seen some lively debates about it, with some critics concerned it would ultimately enrich the same actors who got us into the housing crisis in the first place, while failing to… —Rose Alexandra Phillips, more

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Equitable Developent Policy Analyst InterIm CDA is seeking an individual to lead the organization’s policy, planning, and advocacy efforts to address displacement and housing issues impacting low-income, Asian and Pacific Islander, immigrant, and refugee communities in Seattle’s International District and beyond. This person will bring technical expertise in planning, policy, housing, and… Read Full Listing
Program Specialist, National LGBT Elder Housing Initiative ● The person in this role will create, strategize, execute, and monitor SAGE’s National LGBT Elder Housing Initiative. This highly qualified individual will deepen SAGE’s relationships with existing housing partners, provide technical assistance to those across the country that are seeking to build/develop their own LGBT-friendly elder housing, and… Read Full Listing
Executive Director, Invest STL ● The chosen candidate will be known for the ability and commitment to advocate for and facilitate community development and revitalization in a challenging urban context involving an economically disadvantaged population. They will have a track record of building and leveraging relationships within and among a diverse group of… Read Full Listing
Homeownership Program Director ● The person in this role will direct all operations of Asheville Area Habitat’s homeownership programs including outreach and selection, homebuyer education, mortgage origination, underwriting, post-closing support, and portfolio management. This position is a member of the staff leadership team and provides collaborative leadership to achieve… Read Full Listing
President ● NCCLF seeks a president who is committed to building financially strong and culturally vibrant communities. The successful candidate—a stellar communicator—will provide strong, credible, innovative leadership both inside and outside the organization, and will engage directly with marginalized communities in accordance with our commitment to… Read Full Listing
Southeast Texas Co-Director ● Texas' foremost housing policy research and advocacy organization seeks a leader dedicated to racial and economic justice; possessing a passion and expertise for fair housing, affordable homes, environmental justice, and equity in public infrastructure for low-income communities… Read Full Listing
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