LSA Export Update

LSA Export Update
This morning our IT team was able to increase our current capacity for the LSA Export process. With the change some scheduled and pending exports will need to be rescheduled. If your export failed due to the error "Path C:\inetpub\... is not writable or does not exist" please resubmit. We expect a much better turnaround time for newly scheduled exports.
Also please note that the export does not start pulling data from ServicePoint until it reaches "Running" status. This means that while the export is in "Pending" or "Scheduled" status any changes made to providers, etc will be included in the export once it switches to "Running" status. If your export is in the "running" status for more than 2 hours please submit a case to our technical support team. They will be able to investigate the status of that export and confirm that it is still running.
System administrators received the following notification from HUD this morning:

Based on some AAQs we have received, we are observing some calculation errors in the HDX 2.0 summary display, along with some other ongoing bugs. We will let you know when a fix has been pushed out and specify precisely which fields/functionalities have been updated.
 Right now we are investigating:
  • Chronic homeless and disabling condition counts
  • System Use tab "universe" counts
  • Warnings that are displaying as "not reporting"
  • Ongoing "Server Processing Error" messages in upload error reports
If you are observing any apparent discrepancies between your summary data results and what you expect to see – other than those described above – please submit an AAQ and we will reach out to you. Please note that anyone who has gotten to the stage of observing such an error report or calculation issue has already met the November 9th test deadline to log in and attempt an upload for your CoC. Congratulations.
If your HMIS vendor has not provided LSA export access to you as of yet please reach out to them. Additionally, please submit an HDX AAQ to inform the review team of the pending status of your LSA export from your HMIS.

If you have further questions please submit a case through the Customer Community.