RHY Update

RHY Update
Did you know that RHY Grantee Submissions for the Fall 2018 RHYHMIS database have started?
  • RHY grantees will have from November 12th to November 30th to upload their RHY files. 
  • The RHY Export has been updated on all customer sites and grantees can begin to pull their export files for upload to RhyPoint.
  • RHY Grantees can submit directly to RhyPoint to get their data quality results. 
    • There is no penalty for multiple submissions. 
    • The data collection period is from 10/1/2017 to 9/30/2018
  • Additionally the 0263 RHY Data Quality Report is up to date
    1. Grantees should run the data quality report to review their data and then export each project type separately.
    2. Allowable RHY Project types are Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Street Outreach only.

If you have further questions please submit a case through the Customer Community.