How communities are housing people faster

Dear Friend,

Ben Cattell Noll here. I'm writing to tell you a little about my work at the Alliance. As part of our Center for Capacity Building, my colleagues and I meet with service providers from all over the country to share and learn the best ways to end homelessness.
In 2018, the Alliance conducted these trainings — we call them Learning Collaboratives — in four communities across the country. We supported rapid re-housing and emergency shelter providers in Maryland, Georgia, Connecticut, and Nevada.
These are in-depth initiatives: we spend months on the ground in each community understanding the barriers they face and digging into the data. We coach them to work together and embrace the best practices that are proven to end homelessness. But that's just the beginning.

At the end of each Learning Collaborative, providers take their new skills and kick-off a 100-Day Housing Challenge. The goal is to find housing and services for as many households as possible. 
During these 100-Day Housing Challenges, many providers house twice as many people as they did in the previous period. So far this year, Challenge providers have helped 950 households find housing. It may very well reach 1,000 by the end of the year! That is 950 households — families, adults, veterans — who will spend this winter in the safety and dignity of a home rather than on the streets or in shelter. 
The overwhelming success of these Learning Collaboratives demonstrates that when communities have the right training, resources, and solutions, homelessness can be ended. That is what inspires me to continue this work. 
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