LSA Export Update

LSA Export Update
HUD this morning has sent out the below information regarding the LSA export and HDX. We are passing along this information to you:

"HDX 2.0 Users: Thanks to your ongoing diligent review, we have identified several new bugs in the system related to warnings and calculations for the "Chronic Homelessness and Disabling Condition" display. First, since our calculation updates last week, the warnings being thrown for data results in these fields are being applied to the wrong fields. In addition, for the AO-RRH and AO-PSH results, the results are displaying inaccurately. These results do not mean that your underlying data are incorrect. We are working on patches, but please do not wait for these patches to move forward with uploading and submitting by the deadline. You may clear these warnings for now by entering "HDX 2.0 data calculation error" in the notes field. If you have already submitted your data, you may leave it as submitted and an LSA team member will reach out to you within a week with more guidance. 

The HDX initiative is brought to you by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Submit questions or comments about the HDX 2.0 via (choose "HDX" as the topic)"

If you have further questions please contact HUD through their AAQ website link listed above.