SOAR Webinar: Understanding and Documenting Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders for SSI/SSDI Claims

As opioid use disorders are becoming more prevalent, there is a growing body of knowledge about the impact on individuals and communities, and the treatment options available to help address the problem. For SOAR providers, some questions remain: If someone does have an opioid or other substance use disorder, what does it mean for their SOAR-assisted SSI/SSDI claim? How do we effectively document substance use in the Medical Summary Report (MSR)?

This webinar will help answer these questions and others which impact SOAR applicants. You will learn about the key elements of opioid use disorder. You'll hear from SOAR practitioners who will discuss how to request and interpret substance use treatment records. Each will share how to recognize the signs of a substance use disorder, identify treatment options, and how to best document these conditions for a quality SOAR application.
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On this webinar, you will learn:
  • Key strategies for requesting and interpreting substance use related records
  • SOAR best practices for assisting SSI/SSDI applicants with opioid and other substance use disorders 
  • How to effectively document opioid and other substance use disorders using the MSR
  • Amanda Starkey, MA, SAMHSA SOAR TA Center, Policy Research Associates, Inc., Delmar, New York
  • Melissa Neal, DrPH, SAMHSA GAINS Center, Policy Research Associates, Inc., Delmar, New York
  • Rachael Phillips, LLMSW, PATH/SOAR Specialist, Community Housing Network, Inc., Troy, Michigan

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