The solution is simple: Housing ends homelessness.

Dear Friend,

The solution to homelessness is simple: Make sure everyone has a home. But the work is as challenging as it gets.

Between a nationwide affordable housing crisis, rising levels of unsheltered homelessness, a rapidly aging homeless population, and a crushing wave of natural disasters, this year we have been reminded of the immensity of the challenge before us.

Yet, in the face of it all, many communities managed to continue their progress, and so many others held their ground.

In 2018, the Alliance committed itself to standing firm no matter what challenges were on the horizon.

This year, the Alliance's Policy Team worked to ensure that the Administration and Congress were fully up to speed on the proven solutions to homelessness.

Our Homelessness Research Institute continued to produce critically important data and analysis on emerging issues, including unsheltered homelessness, opioid use disorders, and best practice models for ending homelessness.

And the Alliance's Center for Capacity Building continued its work in the field, providing on-site trainings, technical assistance, learning collaboratives, and webinars all designed to create stronger system-level responses to homelessness across the nation.

As we look toward the future, we know there are challenges ahead. But we remain determined, and we need your help.

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Together with our staff, board, and supporters, we commit ourselves to ending to homelessness in America.


Nan Roman
President and Chief Executive Officer
National Alliance to End Homelessness
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