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Community Benefits Agreement for Events?

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
In This Issue: The Mission: End Childhood Lead Poisoning ● CFBP's New Head Should Stand with People, Not Profits ● Community Benefits Agreement for Events? ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Organizations that are generally sensitive to social justice issues tend to think about the impact of every facet of their operations—including the planning of events in other cities. For its conference last fall, Race Forward formalized that process in a community benefits agreement by . . . Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
LA Teacher Strike | A Win for Airbnb | Julian Castro Joins the Race | Accessory Dwelling Units | Unprecedented Demolition in Philly | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
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Elizabeth McDade, Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning 
In the 1990s, Rochester, New York, had an alarmingly high number of children who had high levels of lead in their blood. Decades later, the rate has decreased by 85 percent. This is how a local coalition made it happen. Read Full Article
Seema Agnani, National CAPACD
The new head of the CFPB should recall why the bureau was created ... Read Full Article
TODAY! Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2 p.m. ET | Introduction to Permanently Affordable Homeownership—Part One | Communities across the country are trying to create policies that do more with less, balance individual benefits with community benefits, and make a dent in their local affordable housing needs. In this webinar, Grounded Solutions Network makes the case for permanently affordable homeownership and shares how you can adopt and customize these models to fit your community’s needs.

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 10 a.m. PST | Development Without Displacement in Opportunity Zones | Presented by the Neighborhood Funders Group’s Democratizing Development Program, this webinar is the second, in a series of conversations on Opportunity Zones. Hear how community, philanthropy, and the public sector can work together to prioritize investments in projects that yield equitable growth, benefits, development without displacement, and economic opportunity for low-income communities and communities of color. Info or register here.

Monday, Feb. 11, 3 p.m. EST | What Really Works in Homelessness Prevention: Lessons from Literature and the Field | Presented by Abt Associates’ Center on Evidence-based Solutions to Homelessness, this webinar combines evidence with real-world insight. Practitioners from three communities will discuss their experience planning or implementing prevention activities, and how the evidence aligns with their work on the ground. Info or register here.
You Said It!
In the old days, they called the response to the situation in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center you described in your article “community development.” It worked pretty well and it was a lot of fun too, but ... —Jim Erchul, more

Most minorities and many poor people really didn’t have a choice where they got to live due to segregation and redlining. While redlining now is officially illegal and has been illegal for decades, most of the affordable housing stock was built during the times of segregation and redlining, so we still have the impact today of…
— Gayl Killough, more

For your consideration via @Shelterforce is it time to say goodbye to this term completely in favor of “core neighborhoods,” or “central city,” or another less loaded term?
— Kresge Foundation, via Twitter

Thanks @kresgefdn for sharing another great thought piece from @Shelterforce on the term “inner city.” And yes, let's also say goodbye to the term “minority.”
— The Center for Creative Placemaking, via Twitter

Thanks Miriam Axel-Lute, I was just thinking about this when I saw the term in an online discussion. #dignityforall...
Barb Van Kerkhove, via Twitter

Railvolution—a smart growth conference originated by then Portland Representative Earl Blumenauer—gives conference attendees a pass good on the transit agencies (bus and rail) serving the conference. This is the gold standard for...
Nathan Landau, more
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