HUD Grant: HMIS Data Cleanup

HUD NOFA: HMIS Capacity-Building

Find out how you can enhance your data quality with a unique HUD grant  

HUD has announced $5 million in funding to help communities improve their CoC's HMIS. You can apply for this money to consolidate HMIS systems. Upgrade your system functionality. Or provide training on best practices to your staff.
Another objective of the HUD grant is to help communities improve the quality of their HMIS data. WellSky can work with you to tune up your Community Services (ServicePoint) implementation by merging, deleting, or cleaning up existing data. Data management tasks may include:
  • Adding exit dates to "un-exited" clients
  • Adding end dates to open services
  • Merging duplicate client records
  • Restructuring provider trees
  • Visibility changes
  • Removing unused assessments  
Our team is ready to assist you with a unique combination of strategic thinking and technological know-how. Get an estimate for services you would like to include in your Application for HUD's HMIS Capacity Building funding opportunity. The deadline for applications is January 31st — so call now! 

855-935-5759 ext. 3