HIC and PIT Update

HIC and PIT Update
We are still in the process of updating the 0628/0629/0630 ART Gallery reports for the 2019 submission of the HIC/PIT information to HUD. HUD has not yet announced the submission deadline for this information.

We performed a test auto-mapper run last weekend due to the changes we made to the report to see how many sites could receive the report. During the test we ran into issues with Client Location and night-by-night shelters in the report so we removed it late last night from the ART Gallery. We will send out an announcement once we are ready to officially release the revised 0628/0629/0630 ART Gallery reports. We will also send out an announcement once HUD announces the submission deadline for the HIC/PIT information.

If you wish, you can access the 2018 version of the 0630 report in the Recycle Bin under the Public folder. However we do not recommend using this report. The counts in the report this year will be changing due to changes to how clients are pulled into the report based upon Client Location and CoC Code information and changes to how night-by-night clients are pulled into the report.

We will include the change details in the User Manual once we have officially released the report. We will also include an Input Control on the detail tab of the 0630 report to help you find any clients that have Client Location issues causing them to not be pulled into the report.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.