HIC and PIT Update

HIC and PIT Update
We have released the 2019 version of the 0630 PIT Sheltered/Unsheltered report. The auto-mapper ran over the weekend and most customers received the revised report. We are working to get the report mapped to the few sites that didn't get the report over the weekend. The revised User Manual is also available in the ART browser.

Please note that the 0630 PIT report has changed from previous years due to the Client Location requirement from HUD. If you want to run the report on a specific provider you have to first pick the appropriate CoC Code in that prompt and then choose the provider in the provider prompt. This will also lead to the exclusion of some clients if they do not have a matching CoC Code in the client location field on the Entry/Exit. We have included an extra Input Control on the client detail tab of the 0630 report to help you find any clients with Client Location issues. We recommend using the "0227 - Project Descriptor Data Elements Data Quality" report to review the CoC Code information for your providers.

We have also updated the 0630 PIT report to ensure that CoC Codes information is accurately pulled into the report for each provider based upon the Start Date and End Date of the CoC Code. This mimics the logic used in the LSA export.

We are still in the process of updating the 0628/0629 ART Gallery reports for the 2019 submission of the HIC/PIT information to HUD. HUD has not yet announced the submission deadline for this information.

We will send out an announcement once we are ready to officially release the revised 0628/0629 ART Gallery reports. We will also send out an announcement once HUD announces the submission deadline for the HIC/PIT information.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.