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News from the US Interagency Council on Homelessness

February 28, 2019
Together, we are ending homelessness.
Our Priorities for 2019
As we begin our in-depth exploration of the objectives and strategies in Home, Together over the coming months, we wanted to share the activities we are prioritizing in 2019.
Making Ending Homelessness Part of Your Local Affordable Housing Strategy
These strategies can help your community truly align its housing affordability and supply strategies with its efforts to end homelessness.
Resource Roundup: Housing First
Housing First approaches, both within programs and across systems, are fundamental to our efforts to end homelessness. Here are some great resources to help strengthen Housing First practices.
Spotlight on Older Adults
Linda Couch, vice president of housing policy at LeadingAge, considers the strategies in Home, Together and suggests that older adults need to be a greater focus of our work - and our plans - going forward.
Researcher Dennis Culhane and his collaborators project that older adult homelessness and associated health care costs will rise dramatically over the next 10 years, but that we could offset many of those costs through investments into housing solutions.
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