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What We Don't Know About Displacement

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019
In This Issue: Racial Disparities in Land Ownership Started Long Before Redlining● Rent Reporting Can Build Credit ● Housing Markets Vary— So Must Our Tactics ● What We Don't Know About Development and Displacement ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
After the housing crash of 2008, one of the pieces of wisdom many people said we had learned from it was that there wasn’t “a national housing market,” but rather a whole bunch of very different regional markets and neighborhood submarkets. Like many lessons, it may have only been partially absorbed ... Read Full Article
Shelterforce Roundtable
The data on the relationship between new development, affordability, and displacement is not nearly as clear-cut as advocates (of all persuasions) often imply. Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
Did Amazon Meet Its Match? | Latinx Homelessness | Broken WindowsClarified | Supporting Victims of Wage Theft | One More Big Bank | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
Lisa Rice, National Fair Housing Alliance
The racial wealth gap is probably best illustrated in the way our country has, and has not, provided access to the single most important determinant of wealth for the majority of people in the United States—home and landownership. It started with... Read Full Article
Sara Chenven, Credit Builders Alliance
Of the 987 low-income renters whose rents were reported through a pilot program, 79 percent saw their VantageScore increase by an average of 23 points, and 15 percent moved into a lower credit score risk tier. Read Full Article
Wednesday, Feb 20, 2 p.m EST | TODAY! | Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act | Join NHC for their February Restoring Neighborhoods Task Force webinar with Emily Cadik of the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition on the Affordable Credit Improvement Act and the future of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC). Learn more and register here.

Wednesday, Feb 20, 3 p.m EST | TODAY! | Washington D.C. State of Play | Join NDC for the Washington D.C. State of Play webinar, where information will be provided on: details of the agreement on FY19 spending, new leadership in key committees in the House, and important housing and community development issues that the 116th Congress is likely to address. Learn more and register here.

Thursday, March 7, 2 p.m EST | Responsible Demolition and Productive Land Reuse in Baltimore and Detroit | In this webinar, presented by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, learn how officials in Baltimore and Detroit have used environmentally responsible practices for demolishing structures in their efforts to address chronic vacancy, and how they engaged each other along the way. Speakers will also discuss how both cities have developed creative land-reuse strategies for productive and inclusive community change. To register: password communi. Learn more and register here.
Industry News
Annie Donovan has joined the Center for Community Investment at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy as senior fellow. Donovan most recently served as director of the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund). Prior positions include CEO of CoMetrics Inc; senior policy advisor to the White House from 2012-2013, working collaboratively with the Office of Social Innovation and the Council on Environmental Quality; and chief operating officer of Capital Impact Partners, a certified CDFI.
The National Low Income Housing Coalition released Opportunities to End Homelessness and Housing Poverty in the 116th Congress, a memo to incoming senators and representatives on concrete steps they can take to help address one of the most critical issues facing extremely low-income families today: the lack of decent, accessible, and affordable housing. Click here to download a copy.

The Prosperity Now Scorecard provides advocates, policymakers and practitioners with national, state and local data to begin a conversation about solutions and policies across five issue areas: financial assets and income; businesses and jobs; homeownership and housing; health care and education. Click here to learn more.
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You Said It!
Lloyd: Thank you for this heartfelt article! My say would be everyone should undergo due process and we must never forget to be emphatic and… Read More

Fernando Centeno: Please do not conflate “Opportunity Zones” with “economic development”; these are two different concepts. An investment deal is a business deal; this is private-sector focused under the guise of a public initiative. True economic development directly addresses standards of living and quality of… Read More

Adam M Rust: It’s great to see how housing quality can impact other aspects of people’s lives. Can I add another example of how mental health can be improved by intervention in a seemingly unrelated area? Research says that … Read More

Lauren Macbeth: We can’t have healthy communities w/o quality #affordablehousing. Housing & #mentalhealth are inextricably linked... via Twitter

Amy Klaben: Our community must hold landlords of poor quality housing accountable. Housing needs to be safe and healthy. When it's not, we pay for the consequences with... via Twitter

Better Housing Coalition: We believe that #affordablehousing should be beautiful, high-quality housing. And there's a reason for that. According to... via Facebook

Chris: I can’t help but notice how one-sided this essay is. While I agree that greater tenant protections are needed, I’m not sure that the landlords-are-evil-harassers rhetoric is entirely helpful to the conversation either. What I have failed to see in the debate on rent control is… Read More

Kresge Arts&Culture: Nice piece on reimagining a neighborhood from @joannataft "The idea was that theater would help us to envision what an inclusive neighborhood might look like...." via Twitter

Irene Yen: oral health is critical! health care "reform" needs to include it #oralhealth #healthequity #HousingForAll. via Twitter
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