ART/Qlik Sense Product Updates

ART/Qlik Sense Product Updates ART Gallery Update
The February and March 2019 ART Gallery Updates included the following updates to the ART Gallery:
  • 0700 - Length of Time Homeless - Metric 1 - v5
  • 0700.1b - Length of Time Homeless - Metric 2 - v6
  • 0701 - Exits to Permanent Housing with Return to Homelessness - Metric 2 - v8
  • 0702 - Number of Homeless Persons - Metric 3.2 - v8
  • 0706 - Permanent Housing Placement - Retention - Metric 5 - v8
  • 0628 - HIC Supplement - v9
  • 0629 - Housing Inventory Count - v17
  • 0630 - Sheltered/Unsheltered PIT 2019 - v22

All client level reports have been updated to include the requirement that the "Client Location" matches the providers CoC Code. The CoC Code prompt is now a required prompt in the report. We will send out announcements when the rest of the SPM/DQF reports have been revised.
Please note that defects have been identified in the 0628/0630 reports.  These are related to counts for Disability and not to overall total counts.  These reports will be repaired and released within the next several weeks.  An announcement will be sent out once they are available.
Qlik Sense Update
Our Qlik Sense Developers have been working on several projects that will release soon:

  • Continuation of the coding and testing for the remaining portions of the security and visibility model.  Once complete, all users with ART Adhoc and Viewer licenses will have Qlik Sense licenses for Premier and Basic users.
  • Correction of joins between Provider and Entry Exit Tables
  • Additional AIRS and Community Point fields
  • Upgrade to February 2019 version of Qlik Sense
Our Report Developers have been diligently recreating ART Gallery Reports into Qlik Sense Library Reports.  At present, 5 reports are in the review/QA process and development on 6 other reports is underway.  We expect to release the first of the new Qlik Sense Library reports before the end of March.  
Some of the report offerings that will soon be available in the Qlik Sense Library include the following:

  • User Contact Information
  • Project Descriptor Elements Data Quality
  • Project Demographics
  • SSOM Client Achievement Report
  • Call Volume
We anticipate two Qlik Sense Updates over the next two months.  We will announce all changes and provide release notes several days in advance of the site update/upgrade. 

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.