LSA Update: Data Quality

LSA Update

HUD has informed HMIS vendors that AHAR Data Liaisons will be reaching out to communities regarding data quality and cleaning of the LSA data.

In addition, ABT Associates sent out a document called "Step-by-Step Guide to Reviewing Your LSA Data Quality Flags" to all CoC's that contained instructions on filtering the DQ report provided last week. This will allow CoC's to begin working with the flagged data quality items in your LSA export. This document will be uploaded to the Community Library for reference.

The document also clarified the expectations for vendors regarding the April 1 deadline. We will be reviewing items marked as requiring vendor support but HUD is aware that it will take beyond the April 1 deadline for those resolutions to be implemented.

As you review your report using the instructions outlined in the Step By Step Guide, you may find that you have specific questions. Please submit any detailed questions via the Customer Community.