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News from the US Interagency Council on Homelessness

March 15, 2019
Together, we are ending homelessness.
Plug in and Listen to Our First Podcast on Home,Together
Veronica Mills and Robert Pulster discuss Objective 1.1 from Home, Together and some key ways to collaboratively build lasting systems to end homelessness.
Tools to Help Your Community Build Its System
These resources can help your community's efforts align with Objective 1.1 of the Plan, and get closer to ensuring homelessness is a rare experience.
Partnering with People with Lived Experience for System Planning
Katherine Cavanaugh from the National Health Care for the Homeless Council writes about how to partner with people with lived experience to systemically address homelessness.
How We're Measuring Progress in Home, Together
Learn about the data were using to measure our progress, to assess the impact of Home, Together, and to sharpen our efforts!
Youth Homelessness Demonstration NOFA Is Out!
Up to 25 communities will be selected for this third round of HUD funding to build a systemic response to youth homelessness.
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