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News from the US Interagency Council on Homelessness

March 29, 2019
Together, we are ending homelessness.
Navigating Different Sources of Data to Strengthen Solutions 
No single source of data tells the whole story of homelessness and housing needs. This brief will help your community 
navigate through different data to strengthen efforts to meet these needs.  
A View on Homelessness in Alaska
Last year Regional Coordinator Katy Miller traveled to Alaska and met with local leaders and community members. She shares her reflections on the housing shortages and conditions in many Alaskan communities – and the clear connections to urban homelessness.  
Understanding the Data on Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness  
Deputy Director Jasmine Hayes dives even deeper into one of the critical sources of data, the National Center for Homeless Education’s recently released summary of data on children and youth experiencing homelessness for school years 2014-17.  
News from our Partners at the VA
New NOFA for Case Management

Funding is available to provide time-limited case management services to improve housing retention for Veterans who are transitioning to permanent housing from VA's homeless programs. 
Improvements to SQUARES

An upgraded version of SQUARES from VA now offers approved service providers access to detailed discharge status for the majority of inquiries, allowing instant determination of program eligibility for many programs, as well as status of VHA enrollment. Learn more, including how to request access to SQUARES 2.0. 
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